Big Brother spoilers: Who won the final six HOH Competition last night?

The Cookout Wins BB23
The Cookout now controls all of the final six spots on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds now include who just won the final six Head of Household Competition.

The first Double Eviction episode of the season took place early on Thursday, with two houseguests getting sent to the BB23 jury house.

Viewers watched as Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez got evicted during an action-packed episode of Big Brother 23.

By the end of the night, The Cookout alliance had made it all the way to the final six. They had achieved a seemingly impossible goal, but then it was time to play for the power again.

Who is the brand new Head of Household on Big Brother?

After a lot of celebrating and chatter about what had taken place so far this season, the remaining members of the BB23 cast participated in a new Head of Household Competition.

As revealed on the Big Brother live feeds, Kyland Young is the HOH again.

This is now the third time that Kyland has been the HOH this summer and he continues to pad his resume.

An important Nomination Ceremony for The Cookout

Kyland is now going to have to put two people on the block for eviction. At some point on Friday (September 10), Kyland will host a Nomination Ceremony where he reveals who he has nominated. It will be a big turning point in the season, as it sets the stage for which duo can now make it the furthest in the game.

Some more news and notes about Big Brother

Some great news was announced that speaks to the future of the reality competition show. A new Celebrity Big Brother season was ordered by CBS.

The network is bringing back its celebrity spin-off and that could give fans a lot of entertainment this winter. We will likely get to see this season taking place near the end of January or during the month of February 2022.

It might be possible that a Big Brother superfan from *NSYNC could be taking part in CBB3. It would be fun to see, especially since he has been a fan of the show for so long.

It’s also important to point out again that a lot of changes were made to the Big Brother schedule at CBS. There have been changes to dates, days, and times when upcoming episodes will be airing, so everyone should check out that information.

Now is the perfect time to also start watching the Big Brother live feeds more often because we are going to start seeing the plans that members of the BB23 cast have in place to get to the final three. With $750,000 on the line for the Big Brother 23 winner, things are about to get very spicy.

Will the members of The Cookout all still be friends when the smoke clears on this season?

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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