Big Brother spoilers: Who is new HOH nominating for eviction?

A New HOH In Charge Of BB22
There is a new Head of Household on Big Brother All-Stars 2 and she is ready to make a move. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers already reveal who the new Head of Household is targeting for eviction this week.

Daniele Donato won the Endurance Challenge late Thursday night and has taken over the power in the house.

Since this was the first challenge that Dani has won, she finally has the chance to make some big moves. And she is going to do it, right? Wrong. At least not yet.

Despite saying for weeks that she was going to get Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott out of the house as soon as she possibly could, Dani isn’t going to nominate either one of them.

Who is Daniele nominating for eviction?

In the overnight hours on the CBS live feeds, Daniele was shown speaking to Nicole Franzel about what she plans to do at the Nomination Ceremony.

Despite all of her alliances, Nicole is the person that Dani is closest to in the house.

Dani told Nicole that she is targeting David Alexander and Kevin Campbell for eviction. But there are already some problems with that plan that could surface almost immediately.

The first problem is that Dani told Kevin that she would not put him on the block.

She is claiming that this will be as a pawn, but that’s still not going to sit well with Kevin after he was already used by Enzo Palumbo as a pawn.

And then there’s David. In his back pocket is one of the BB Basement powers. If Dani nominates him, he can take himself right off the block and force her to come up with a replacement.

What happens when David uses BB Basement power?

At the Nomination Ceremony, if Dani goes through with her plan of nominating David and Kevin, he will use his power at that very moment. If he does, Dani then has to come up with a replacement nominee on the spot.

Dani won’t have time to chat with her alliances about what she should do next and she tends to get flustered in moments like this one. She will have to name someone and it could be anyone.

Dani could actually make a bold move and name Christmas or Tyler, or she could take the easier route and put Ian Terry on the block. Having Ian and Kevin on the block at the same time could lead to Ian being evicted next.

Why won’t she go after Da’Vonne Rogers after planning for weeks to try to get her out? A new all-women alliance was just formed.

Things could change as Friday progresses in the house, but, currently, Dani plans to nominate David and Kevin.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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