Big Brother spoilers: Janelle Pierzina has a plan to stay in BB22 house

Janelle Pierzina During Week 2 On BB22
Janelle Pierzina returned to Big Brother for All-Stars 2 in 2020. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers have already revealed that Janelle Pierzina is in trouble this week. The BB22 cast has seemed very keen on getting her evicted quickly and it could soon mean the end of the line for the four-time player.

Janelle does have a plan to try to save herself, though, even if there are hitches in the plan actually working. Since she is at risk of getting evicted on Thursday night, she may as well try anything she can.

CBS viewers just saw that Tyler Crispen nominated Janelle and Kaysar Ridha for eviction on the Sunday night episode, but Big Brother live feed subscribers already know that the Veto Competition has also been completed.

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother All-Stars

Janelle is on the outside of the BB22 cast and has been a target since she walked through the front doors. It hasn’t helped that Nicole Franzel has been scheming against her since Day 1, but it’s also true that Janelle is a big target due to how good she is at the game.

Now, Janelle is at serious risk of getting evicted, which would make her the third-straight woman that Nicole has had a hand in evicting this season. Anyone else see a familiar pattern emerging here?

Now for the plan. Janelle is going to try to secure the votes of Cody Calafiore, Bayleigh Dayton, Da’Vonne Rogers, Daniele Donato, and Enzo Palumbo.

Yes, we know that this plan seems doomed from the start, but stranger things have happened inside the walls of Big Brother.

Speaking of walls, the BB22 house was locked down on Sunday night due to a fan yelling over the wall.

Does Janelle’s plan stand any chance of working?

A new four-person alliance is in play and Tyler Crispen is working with every player that Janelle wants to support her. Additionally, with Nicole Franzel pushing so hard to get Janelle out, anyone aligned with Nicole will try to keep her happy… for now.

If Janelle could convince those five people and Memphis Garrett to vote out Kaysar, then she will be around after the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. But it all seems really unlikely. Nobody in the BB22 house is actually willing to make a big game move yet.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, something changes the dynamic and things start to get more interesting because a lot of fans are getting bored.

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