Big Brother spoilers: Houseguests decided who they are taking to final two

The BB23 Final Three
The Big Brother 23 final three is ready for finale night. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers have come in from the live feeds one last time before the producers shut it down in preparation for the season finale.

Viewers who tuned in for the last episode of Big Brother 23 saw that Xavier Prather won Part 1 of the final Head of Household Competition.

With that result set, it was then time for Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier to play in Part 2 over the weekend. It was Azah who won Part 2 and she now advances to the final challenge of the season.

Derek F has now lost complete control of his own game, meaning it will be either Azah or Xavier who gets to decide who sits next to them in the final two.

On finale night, Part 3 of the final HOH Competition will take place “live” and decide which member of the BB23 cast has a guaranteed spot.

Who is Xavier Prather taking to the Big Brother 23 final two?

Xavier has stated that he still plans to honor his final two deal with Derek F and that he is sticking with that choice in the end game.

Sticking with Derek F will also be the easier route to becoming the Big Brother 23 winner for Xavier because Xavier has a far superior resume.

Who is Azah Awasum taking to the Big Brother 23 final two?

Late on Tuesday evening, Azah was seen on the Big Brother live feeds coming to her final decision about who to take with her to the end. As it stands, if Azah wins Part 3 of the final HOH Competition, she plans to take Xavier with her to the end.

From a monetary and game standpoint, this seems like a bad decision, as Xavier is very likely to win over Azah if they both make it to the end. But she is making this decision from her heart and she has noted that she feels that Xavier deserves that spot in one of the final two chairs.

Before she finally went to bed, Azah did say that she was going to pray on the decision, so it’s still possible she could change her mind. At the same time, she hasn’t been prepping very well for a mental challenge and it would seem that Xavier is the heavy favorite to win Part 3 of the final HOH Competition.

Here is a preview of the Big Brother 2021 finale night.

Big Brother 23 finale airs Wednesday, September 29 at 9/8c on CBS.