Big Brother: Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson trying for 3rd child, false pregnancy test creates miscarriage scare

Jessica And Cody BB To TAR
Jessica and Cody met on Big Brother and then won The Amazing Race together. Pic credit: CBS

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from Big Brother 19 are trying to have another child, but a false pregnancy test led to the couple fearing that Jessica had miscarried.

Jessica and Cody are trying to have a third child and according to Jessica, they have been trying for six months to get pregnant again.

When Jessica woke up on November 1, she says that she took a pregnancy test that yielded a positive. She and Cody were elated that their recent trip to Disney World to celebrate their wedding anniversary may have led to another baby.

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But on November 5, Jessica says that she took another pregnancy test that revealed a negative and they became very worried about what might have happened.

Jessica feared that she had miscarried

Before taking that second pregnancy test, Jessica experienced a scary moment that she shared on her Instagram page.

“There was blood in the toilet. I lost it. Naturally, my first thought was that I must be miscarrying. I broke down in Cody’s arms,” Jessica wrote.

“I took a Clear Blue Rapid Test and it showed a negative sign meaning ‘Not Pregnant’ and then called my doctor and told them everything that happened. They told me that chances are I experienced a false positive pregnancy test the first time because if I had miscarried my hormones would still be telling the test that I was pregnant, that it wouldn’t change that quickly,” Jessica went on to explain.

The great news from Jessica seems to be that she just experienced a false positive and that she didn’t miscarry. But this experience is something that has stuck with her.

She goes into even more detail about what took place in the Instagram post shared below.

Jessica and Cody celebrating their new house

The Nickson family is building a new house in Dallas, Texas, and Jessica recently shared about how they have reached the halfway point of the build.

“We’ve reached the halfway point of our build! I wish I could say we’re spending our holidays in our new house but unfortunately, that’s not the case. However, things are moving along pretty smooth and we’re hoping to be fully moved in and settled before Mavericks 3rd birthday,” Jessica wrote as the caption on an image of the couple kissing in front of their soon-to-be new house.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson also dressed up with their kids to celebrate Halloween.

Here are images from many former Big Brother houseguests celebrating Halloween 2021.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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