Big Brother houseguests: Who has the most Instagram followers?

Cody And Nicole BB22
Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel from BB16 and BB22 have a lot of Instagram followers. Pic credit: CBS

Many Big Brother houseguests have become social media influencers since their time in the game — and some were already deep into social media before they even entered the house.

When it comes to former Big Brother houseguests using Instagram, quite a few take full advantage of their personal brands and have monetized their accounts. It can provide a lot of income outside of television appearances. And going on TV after that brand has been established just serves to increase the number of followers.

Below is a breakdown of who has the most Instagram followers. We won’t count Julie Chen Moonves for the list, even though the Big Brother host has over 336,000 followers. We also won’t count Big Brother itself, either, despite the show having a hefty 736,000 followers already.

We also expect that number to go up for Big Brother, with the BB23 cast nearly ready to start playing the game and control our televisions for the summer 2021 season.

As for people who were pretty active on social media before ever playing the game, we will count those people, because they definitely picked up a lot of Big Brother fans along the way.

Which Big Brother houseguest has the most Instagram followers?

Frankie Grande has just about 2.15 million Instagram followers. He leads the list by a long way, aided by his appearance on Big Brother 16, but we also have to give his sister some credit as well. She is Ariana Grande, after all.

As part of the BB16 cast, Frankie became known to Big Brother fans, even though he came up short in his quest to win the show.

Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott continue adding fans

As part of the Big Brother 22 cast, Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott have continued adding followers on social media. At the posting of this article, Nicole was closing in on 734,000 followers, while Christmas was closing in on 700,000 very quickly.

Nicole also appeared as a member of the BB16 and BB18 cast, with Christmas popping up on the BB19 cast. Since then, both women have continued to draw followers on Instagram.

More Big Brother houseguests with a lot of Instagram followers

Jessica Nickson (BB19) has almost 664,000 followers, Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore now has over 452,000 followers, Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur is at over 347,000 followers, and the controversial Aaryn Gries (Williams) from Big Brother 15 is at almost 344,000 followers.

The Big Brother 20 cast also has a lot of people who are very prevalent on Instagram. Tyler Crispen (435k), Kaycee Clark (413k), Angela Rummans (340k), Faysal Shafaat (314k), and Hayleigh Broucher (300k) have all definitely made a name for themselves with social media prowess after they left the Big Brother house.

Other notable Big Brother names with a lot of followers include Zach Rance from BB16 (331k), Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd (305k), Natalie Negrotti from BB18 (289k), Paul Calafiore from BB17 (280k), Cody Nickson (255k), Janelle Pierzina (249k), Jeff Schroeder (248k), and Bayleigh Dayton (208k).

Several former houseguests have been able to increase their brand recognition by appearing on other shows like The Challenge and The Amazing Race.

So, who will be the next person to pass one million followers? Can Nicole Franzel or Christmas Abbott accomplish it before someone else catches them?

Big Brother 23 airing this summer on CBS

A new season of Big Brother is expected to debut in June of 2021. Hopefully, there are members of the BB23 cast that will also be fun to follow on social media. By then, we might also learn of an engagement notice for Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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