Big Brother alum shows off all the crazy outfits he wore in effort to win the cash prize on his season

Big Brother 21 Cast Swimsuit Photo
The Big Brother 21 cast had a lot of very memorable people. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Each season on Big Brother, cast members are forced to wear costumes for competitions, as punishments for doing badly in a challenge, or just for a fun theme that is taking place. Sometimes, the houseguests even get to take those costumes home.

Nicole Franzel has famously been on the show three times and has popped up on social media wearing some of those costumes. On Big Brother, she dressed up as a Safety Cone, as a big box of cereal, and as a frog.

Soon, we are going to be watching the Big Brother 23 cast dressing up in what will very likely be embarrassing costumes that they get to wear on national television. And it may begin on Day 1 of the Summer 2021 season because punishments are reportedly on the line during the season premiere.

Tommy Bracco, who played as a member of the Big Brother 21 cast, just shared a new Instagram video where he shows off most of the costumes he wore while competing that season. Some are pretty tame, but as the video goes on, it shows off some of the really embarrassing entries.

Tommy Bracco shows off BB21 cast outfits

“Who’s ready to eat, sleep, breathe @bigbrothercbs all summer long?![raised hand emoji] [toothy smile emoji] Our favorite show is BACK!! Follow @realtawkpod to watch with me @anjelicaconti & @bbopbracco!!! #BB23 #BigBrother #realitytv #touchitchallenge,” Tommy captioned a video that he shared on TikTok and on Instagram.

The video itself is put together very well, showing off Tommy’s Broadway talent as he struts his stuff in some very recognizable outfits from the Big Brother Summer 2019 season.

The Staten Island native and Broadway dancer finished in fifth place during Big Brother 21. One of the biggest twists of the season was when it turned out that he knew someone else on the BB21 cast. Fellow cast member Christie Murphy had dated Tommy’s aunt, which put them in the same real-life circle for many years. They tried to keep it a secret but eventually started telling other people in the house.

A new season of Big Brother is about to begin

The Big Brother 23 cast is about to take center stage and soon enough, we will be watching a new group of people wear embarrassing outfits as they try to compete for a $500,000 cash prize. The season premiere for the show arrives on Wednesday, July 7, during which CBS is going to air a live move-in event from the Big Brother house.

A few video clips of the BB23 cast have already started popping up on social media, but these aren’t as good as the full interviews that many casts from the past have taken part in. Maybe those are coming out later, but that first episode for the Summer 2021 season is coming up very quickly.

Make sure to stay tuned in for the full 90 minutes of that July 7 premiere. It is going to start out by revealing the team twist to the BB23 cast, but the producers are also saving something big for the final segments of the night. It is something that could lead straight to some embarrassing costumes – or worse.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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