Big Brother 22 recap: Another week with no big moves by the HOH

Kaysar And Janelle On BB22 Block
The end of the road arrived for the Janelle and Kaysar BB22 partnership. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Big Brother 22 began on Thursday night with host Julie Chen Moonves stating that one of the nominees would be staying, and the other one would be going home.

That pretty much settled the debate that many fans were having about production, finding a way to save the two nominees and find a way to keep them in the BB22 house with some sort of twist.

This all guaranteed that either Janelle Pierzina or Kaysar Ridha would be getting evicted from the Big Brother house in less than an hour.

It was then time to get down to business. During the “previously on Big Brother” segment, we saw Tyler Crispen win HOH, Kaysar and Janelle get nominated, Cody Calafiore win the Power of Veto, and the nominations remain the same for the week.

Big Brother 22 recap: Episode 10 gets rolling

Tyler spoke in a Diary Room session about how he thought that Kaysar and Janelle were coming after him, so he was forced to make the first move. But now he is starting to realize that he may have made a mistake in removing a bigger target (Janelle) because he now moves up that list.

For readers who want to see more of that thought process from Tyler, he spoke to the cameras on the live feeds about how he wasn’t so sure about his nomination choices any longer.

The storyline from the live feeds, where David Alexander started telling Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton secrets about Tyler and his alliance, started unfolding. Tyler was shown getting pretty displeased about David sharing so much. In a DR, it also made Tyler feel like he was in trouble of being a target soon.

Big Brother 22 live vote and eviction

Janelle had a segment where she tried to campaign for votes, including offering to let Cody Calafiore hold on to her wedding band to prove she wouldn’t target him in Week 4. She never got much traction in the chats, though, even if some of them were made to seem up in the air.

The vote was as one-sided as expected, with Janelle getting evicted by a vote of 9-2. Dani and Enzo voted to evict Kaysar, but this was part of a plan that they had in place to cause chaos in the house. They are going to blame other people when the time is right for them.

A new Head of Household will take power on Big Brother 22

The episode came to an end without crowning a new Head of Household. Instead, Julie spent extra time letting Janelle watch her goodbye messages from the rest of the BB22 cast.

This HOH Competition is one where the houseguests roll balls up a ramp to try to sink them. It is done in groups of six, with three advancing from each group to play in the final round.

The new HOH will not be revealed until a bit later on the live feeds. We have a live feeds report where we will be updating readers on any information we learn through the night.

For readers who don’t want to learn the spoilers ahead of time, the new HOH will be revealed to the CBS audience on Sundays night’s episode.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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