Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who won Head of Household tonight?

Christmas Abbott Safety Punishment
With a new week on Big Brother All-Stars, Christmas Abbott’s punishment came to an end. Pic credit: CBS
Christmas Abbott Safety Punishment
With a new week on Big Brother All-Stars, Christmas Abbott’s punishment came to an end. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers from this evening will be highlighted by the houseguest who won Head of Household tonight.

Earlier in the evening, Janelle Pierzina was evicted, leaving just 13 people competing for the title of Big Brother All-Stars winner.

As the outgoing HOH, Tyler Crispen had to sit this one out, which he found to be an unfortunate situation, as he really wanted to be in power for Week 4.

That left 12 people who were competing for the power, and each one of them knew that the entire dynamic of the house was about to change.

Sure, Kaysar was going to be on the outside and and is someone who could easily get picked off by a new HOH, but that also meant someone would have to become a pawn. And what if Kaysar won the Power of Veto?

This article will serve as a live blog of the ongoing HOH Competition as it takes place live. Make sure to check in later, where we will update everyone on the final results.

Who won Head of Household tonight?

Heading into the challenge, many of the houseguests knew how important it was to emerge as the winner. As opposed to previous weeks, when several people didn’t want the power in the house, Week 4 is one where everything could change.

With the biggest target in the game eliminated — which may seem odd since Janelle never actually had any power this season — it meant that new nominees might be coming, that a backdoor is possible, and that pawns might become necessary.

Below is an image and description of the Week 4 HOH Competition:

BB22 Week 4 HOH Comp
An image of the Week 4 BB22 HOH Competition. Pic credit: @BB22LiveFeeds/Twitter

The episode came to a close before the completion of the first round. It means we won’t learn who the new Head of Household is right away, but we will make sure to update the post as soon as we learn more information about the results. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long…

Have the feeds been down enough time for Dani’s alliance to turn on her after they figured out her plan?

HOH winner confirmed

CBS kept the live feeds turned off until the West Coast had completed viewing Episode 10 on Thursday night. It was at that point where it was finally revealed who had won the HOH this week.

Your Week 4 Head of Household is Enzo Palumbo. Will he now try to carry out his plan to backdoor Dani? Or will he go for an easier target while he is in power?

A busy weekend in the BB22 house

Over the next few days, we will find out who was nominated for eviction, who has won the Power of Veto, and who the real target for eviction will be by the end of Week 4.

There are going to be a lot of Big Brother 2020 spoilers coming from the live feeds and a lot of information for us to pass on.

Stay tuned, because this is where things may finally start getting exciting in the house. It’s also where Big Brother After Dark could have been a lot of fun for fans, but it is not returning this year.

We are almost to the point of the season where Memphis Garrett said that a pay bump takes place for people still in the game. But it seems that they have to survive Week 4 to take advantage of it.

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