Big Brother All-Stars controversy: Did Janelle beat Tyler for HOH? Fan starts petition to change results

Janelle Still On BB22 Cast
Should Janelle Pierzina be the Week 3 HOH on Big Brother All-Stars? Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother All-Stars controversy has surfaced during a new episode of the show.

After Nicole Anthony was evicted, the remaining BB22 cast members played in a new Head of Household Competition.

The goal of the challenge was to slide a mug down three different ramps to score points. The person to get the highest score in the shortest amount of time would then win the Head of Household.

During the episode, Tyler Crispen was crowned the new HOH, but there has been a lot of controversy surrounding it.

Eagle-eyed fans saw that Tyler stopped his clock while one of his mugs was still moving. After he rang in, the mug finished sliding into the next slot, gaining him an extra point and the victory.

In the same challenge, Janelle finished in a shorter time but one point short (11) of Tyler’s total (12).

The argument is getting made by some fans that Tyler should have only been credited with 11 points and because Janelle finished more quickly, that she should be the new Head of Household.

Tyler and Janelle compete for HOH

Below are videos for Tyler and Janelle as they competed in the challenge to possibly take over the power.

Petition to make Janelle the new HOH

A petition has now been posted and has already been signed by more than 200 people who feel that the results should be adjusted.

Rumors of an adjustment are floating around on social media since the feeds have been down for a while, but it seems unlikely that production would make a change this long after the HOH Competition took place.

As for the petition, it might show how much that many Big Brother fans love Janelle Pierina. The petition reads as follows:

“Tyler buzzed in before his mug stopped moving. He had 11 points, rather than 12. Janelle and him should have tied, but Janelle had a faster time. Therefore, she should receive HOH. Please fix this error!”

It’s no secret that if Tyler remains the HOH that he might target Janelle for eviction. He is part of a very powerful four-person alliance that just emerged and they have all the power this week.

Additionally, if Janelle is not the HOH, then she remains a Have-Not for Week 3. The feeds teased that something took place right after the episode and it may have been a faceoff between Janelle and Nicole Franzel.

Stay tuned folks, things are getting very interesting in the Big Brother house this evening!

Big Brother All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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