Big Brother spoilers: Guess who just made Janelle Pierzina a Have-Not?

Janelle Is A BB22 Have-Not
Janelle Pierzina is now a Have-Not in the Big Brother 22 house. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers are already coming from the live feeds following the second eviction episode.

Immediately following Episode 7 airing on the East Coast, the feeds popped back up to show what was going on inside the Big Brother house.

It appears that the BB22 cast has already selected who will be a Have-Not this week, as two houseguests were shown moving their belongings into the Have-Not Room.

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And it also looks like some drama has already started up, with Nicole Franzel exhibiting her infatuation with Janelle Pierzina again.

Now the guessing game can begin, because the feeds went down again, with a lot of rumors getting posted on social media about what had taken place following the eviction of Nicole Anthony.

Who are the Big Brother 22 Have-Nots for Week 3?

Janelle Pierzina is a Have-Not this week. She wasn’t one in the first two weeks, so it was bound to be her turn, especially due to the power alliance in charge of the house.

There are posts on social media stating that it was Nicole Franzel who chose Janelle to be a Have-Not this week. It would continue the trend of outgoing Have-Not people picking the next victims of the punishments.

We don’t know for sure that Nicole picked Janelle, but it would definitely line up with the negativity that Nicole has been showing toward her since Day 1 of the summer 2020 season.

bb22-Nicole F/Janelle Fight

Also seen on the feeds moving their belongings to the Have-Not room was Bayleigh Dayton. This would be the first time that she has to reside on the cots as well.

It is unclear who the other two Big Brother 22 Have-Nots are for Week 3, as the feeds have now been down for a while. There hasn’t been an explanation as to why that has taken place, but we will likely get updated later.

So far this season, Ian Terry, Nicole Franzel, Nicole Anthony, Memphis Garrett, David Alexander, Kevin Campbell, Kaysar Ridha, and Christmas Abbott have been Have-Nots.

It would make sense if there were four new people residing in the Have-Not Room for Week 3, so that could include Dani Donato, Enzo Palumbo, or Da’Vonne Rogers as well.

Big Brother drama

What is Tyler Crispen going to do with his HOH power? He may just end up targeting Janelle and Kaysar for eviction, but we will have to wait and see. He has a chance to make a big power move, but that’s not what he really did during Big Brother 20.

Stay tuned folks, because it could get spicy, especially if the rumors of a showdown between Nicole and Janelle taking place during the Have-Not reveal turn out to be true.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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