Big Brother 25 spoilers: Split vote drama consumes houseguests

America in bed on BB25
America Lopez is part of Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Cirie Fields is making some big social moves on Big Brother 25.

Knowing that Felicia Cannon has been working against her, Cirie set up Felicia.

Talk of a split vote has been floating around for a few days.

The final nominees for the week are America Lopez and Blue Kim, which is what HOH Jag Bains wanted.

But Jag may get to skate by while the other houseguests “get blood on their hands” by voting out the next jury member.

The situation led to a chat between Cirie and Felcia about splitting the vote to force Jag to break a tie.

A messy split vote situation on Big Brother live feeds

In an ideal world for Cirie, she would force a split vote and have Jag save Blue.

Cirie wants to keep Blue in the house, as that is a number for her.

But Cirie also knows she can’t push hard for that scenario because Jag is targeting Blue in Week 12.

The secondary plan for Cirie was to pin the split vote plan on Felicia if it didn’t go over well.

And when Felicia told America that Jag wanted a split vote, it gave Cirie the perfect opportunity to shift the narrative.

Felicia is playing a messy game, and her stories are catching up with her.

Felicia turned on Cirie ahead of the Veto Meeting, as she thought she was about to become a replacement nominee.

Jag never seriously considered changing the nominations, though. He wants Blue out and is willing to settle for America getting evicted.

Felicia told Jag and Matt Klotz about everything Cirie had planned this season, but Cirie had already set the trap.

When Cirie sat down with Jag, she claimed it was Felicia’s idea to split the vote and make Jag look bad. She also pointed to Felicia’s frantic gameplay this week as a reason to believe her.

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The next eviction vote comes on the October 26 episode. A split vote is now unlikely due to the chaos. But plenty of time exists for the house to go off the rails again.

The drama foreshadows an intriguing Double Eviction night. Jag and Matt are in trouble if one of the women wins the Head of Household Competition.

America Lopez is extremely popular in fan polls lately, suggesting she could be in the running for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

America may have also predicted a bitter BB25 jury based on what has taken place this season.

Roughly two weeks remain until the Big Brother 25 winner is announced.

Here is the TV schedule for the final weeks of BB25.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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