Big Brother 24’s Matt Turner accused of bullying; worked for Mr. Beast

Matt Turner BB24 HOH
The Big Brother 24 cast includes Matthew Turner. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 cast member Matt Turner was introduced to fans last week, only a day before the houseguests began playing the game. And on that same day, his sister, Holly Turner, claims that it was the first time that she found out about it as well.

Seeing that her brother was about to become a reality TV star on Big Brother, Holly took to social media to lay out some things that she felt the rest of the world needed to know. Among her accusations, she says that Matt bullied her for a long time.

Matt can’t really respond to the accusations that his sister laid out while he is inside of the Big Brother house, but he could have a lot to say about all of it when his time on the show comes to an end. As for when that might be, it’s possible that he could be busy until mid-September, as that’s when the Big Brother 24 episode schedule ends.

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Holly Turner posts about Matt Turner

“Just heard that my younger brother, Matt Turner, is on Big Brother this season. FYI: this kid bullied me my entire life. in 2020, when I was jobless and homeless, staying at my parents house for lack of a better place to go, he randomly showed up when he didn’t need to and manipulated my mother into kicking me out when he didn’t actually even need to be there,” Holly Turner wrote on her Twitter account.

“He has given me horrible, crippling anxiety from the way he has treated me and given me panic attacks that still haunt me to this day. He’s an absolute trash person and says the N word on the regular. he has been handed everything on a silver f****** platter his entire life while I got absolutely kicked to the curb and our mother let him do whatever he wanted at my expense,” she continued.

“I tried to have heart-to-hearts with hm about all this and he’s never ever ever cared or showed any remorse whatsoever. I can think of no scumbag on the planet who is less deserving of an opportunity like this,” Holly concluded the first part of her messages about Matt.

Holly Turner About Matt Turner 2
Holly Turner posted a long note about her brother, Matt Turner. Pic credit: @IttyBittyHolly/Twitter

Holly brings up Matt working for Mr. Beast

Later, Holly returned to social media to talk about when Matt worked for Mr. Beast. For anyone who isn’t a frequent YouTube user, Mr. Beast is one of the most prolific content creators on the site.

“Also, FYI, as evidence for how big a piece of sh*t he is – if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Beast. My brother was his employee and made up lies about him to try and cancel him to kickstart his own b******* YouTube career,” Holly wrote about her brother’s connection to Mr. Beast.

Holly Turner On Mr Beast 2
Holly Turner speaks about Matt Turner working for Mr. Beast. Pic credit: @IttyBittyHolly/Twitter

The history between Matt Turner and Mr. Beast

Below is a video that was created that goes over the past that Matt Turner had working for Mr. Beast and then what happened afterward. It provides a lot of depth to the story.

MrBeast's Biggest Hater Finally Apologizes And Its Terrible.

Matthew Turner, who is known by the nickname Turner, can be seen on current episodes of Big Brother airing on CBS this summer. Based on some of the early alliances on the BB24 cast, Turner might be around for a while this season.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS

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1 year ago

I already don’t believe a word your saying. To take to social media, and bash anyone who can’t defend themselves to me is the bully. Your already trying to establish yourself as the victim.