Big Brother 24 winner revealed, takes home $750,000 prize

Julie Chen With Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves will have her first Big Brother 25 exit interview soon. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 winner was revealed on Sunday night, with the Summer 2022 season closing.

A long two-hour episode helped wind down the season, updating fans on what has been taking place before the BB24 jury voted on a winner.

Monte Taylor, Matthew Turner, and Taylor Hale were the final three houseguests battling for the title.

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CBS viewers finally got to see what took place in the first two parts of the final Head of Household Competition, setting the stage for who would be battling it out in Part 3.

Turner won Part 1, and then Monte won Part 2, leading to a Turner vs. Monte showdown on live television.

The winner of the Part 3 challenge would get a spot in the final two, as well as the choice of who got to sit next to them.

Who made the final two on Big Brother 24?

In a challenge that involved questions about the BB24 jury members, Monte beat Turner to win Part 3 of the final HOH Competition.

As the final HOH, Monte chose Taylor to go with him to the end. Turner finished in third place and was sent out to sit with the rest of the jury next to host Julie Chen Moonves on the big stage.

This move was a bit shocking, but Monte did tell Taylor on the Big Brother feeds that he was about to do it.

Who won Big Brother 24 during the summer of 2022?

Taylor and Monte got grilled by the nine members of the BB24 jury before giving their closing statements about why they deserved to win the Big Brother 2022 season.

And yes, Taylor was wearing the outfit she modeled on the live feeds a short time ago.

Monte stated that his biggest move in the game was to get Turner out of the house, even though quite a few jurors felt his biggest move was to get Michael Bruner evicted.

Taylor said she deserved to win due to her resiliency to survive the season and that the winner shouldn’t be decided based on competition wins.

In order, Julie pulled out the keys to reveal that Turner voted for Monte, Brittany voted for Taylor, Alyssa voted for Taylor, Michael voted for Taylor, Terrance voted for Taylor, and Kyle voted for Taylor.

Taylor Hale is the Big Brother 24 winner.

That brings a close to the Big Brother Summer 2022 season.

Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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