Big Brother 24 spoilers: Did jury roundtable predict BB24 winner?

Indy Santos BB24
Indy Santos finished in 11th place during the Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers have come out about the jury roundtable that took place between the BB24 cast members.

After Brittany Hoopes was voted out of the Big Brother house, she met up with the first seven members of the jury to discuss what happened this season.

Hosted by Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby, it sounds like the BB24 jury roundtable got pretty spicy at times.

On finale night, which arrives at 8/7c on Sunday, September 25, the nine members of the jury will vote for who should take home the $750,000 prize.

As is customary, the first eight members of the jury sit down together to debate the merits of the final three houseguests, often leading to some drama-filled conversations about how they perceived the season.

The ninth member of the jury will be the person evicted during the season finale by the final Head of Household for the summer.

And that final jury member might be a surprise based on what happened on the Big Brother live feeds this weekend.

What happened at the BB24 jury roundtable?

According to a post shared on Twitter from someone who typically has inside information about the show, Indy Santos and Jasmine Davis “weren’t happy” with Brittany when she got to the jury.

It also sounds like Michael Bruner stood up for Brittany and helped define the term “floater” for some of the houseguests to understand it.

BB24 Jury Indy
Drama reported from BB24 jury roundtable. Pic credit: @HamsterWatch/Twitter

Further confirmation of Brittany and Indy dust-up

Us Weekly writer Sharon Tharp confirmed in a post of her own that she had heard from a source that Brittany and Indy did have a dust-up while the jury was debating the Big Brother 2022 season.

Sharon Tharp On BB24 Jury
Confirmation on BB24 jury drama. Pic credit: @SharonTharp/Twitter

Jury predicts the Big Brother 24 winner?

As always, the jury roundtable has presented who might end up being named the winner, and it seems like there are two clear favorites from the final three houseguests this summer.

“One source told me they seemed overall pro Taylor and another said they seemed overall pro Monte.. both said they did not seem pro Turner,” reads an additional post by Hamsterwatch on the BB24 jury roundtable.

It certainly seems like the debate is between Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale when it comes to deciding a winner, and if their source was correct, Matt Turner is in a difficult position when he possibly has to defend his game on finale night.

Hamster Winner BB24
Prediction on the Big Brother 24 winner. Pic credit: @HamsterWatch/Twitter

As a reminder, the Big Brother 24 finale is a two-hour event, where we will also find out who wins the bonus prize that comes with being named America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Big Brother 24 ends September 25 at 8/7c on CBS.