Big Brother 24 rules: What happens if only one person in duo wants to use Power of Veto?

Terrance Power BB24
Terrance Higgins is in a power position on Big Brother 24 now. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 cast is in the midst of a twist that has them working as duos. There is also one trio because following the eviction of Ameerah Jones, Terrance Higgins was left without a partner.

Terrance was given the chance to join a duo of his choice, and he went with Monte Taylor and Joseph Abdin. That trio is now under the same rules as a duo, meaning there could be three nominees in a week should that situation arise.

And since the teams are now playing as duos, they are also taking part in Veto Competitions as a duo. This could lead to a situation where a duo is divided on whether or not to use a Power of Veto.

Host Julie Chen Moonves did speak about how an indecisive duo would be dealt with during a future Veto Meeting, setting up an intriguing scenario that could bring additional drama to the Big Brother house.

In summation, it only takes one person from a duo to use the Power of Veto. As an example, if Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog won the POV, only one of them would have to want to use it for the POV to be played.

Yes, this particular Big Brother 24 rule is a tad complicated, and the situation might never come up, but it would certainly add another layer of excitement if a duo was not on the same page ahead of a weekly Veto Meeting.

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Once the BB24 cast gets down to 11 people, the jury will start forming and we will start getting a look at who will be voting on the winner of Big Brother 24.

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