Big Brother vets mad about Daniel Durston’s behavior in BB24 house

Daniel Mad On BB24
BB24 cast member Daniel Durston isn’t making friends. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 cast member Daniel Durston has had it in for Taylor Hale since Day 1 of the season. With some of his negative behavior finally making it into episodes, Big Brother alums and fans have responded with a lot of anger.

On a recent episode of the show, after Nicole Layog made fun of Taylor for eating Lays again, Daniel confronted Taylor in the bathroom and went at her hard, blaming her for Paloma’s exit.

Recently, Paloma claimed Taylor was her friend and that she left the game due to mental health issues. So Paloma clearly wasn’t on the same page that Daniel was on, even though Paloma pretended she was while in the house.

Back on that July 27 episode of the show, Nicole was shown rushing to her room and crying about her decision to quit on her partner and throw the Veto Competition. But most of the houseguests thought she was crying about her mom who had been sick.

Taylor went to speak with Nicole and said quite a few nice things, but one comment that Nicole focused on was Taylor saying that she wouldn’t be upset if Nicole needed to leave the game. Nicole took Taylor’s words poorly and then misconstrued that story to Daniel.

And this was the match that lit the fuse on Daniel, who has been badmouthing Taylor for almost the entirety of the season on the Big Brother live feeds.

Daniel goes after Taylor in the bathroom

“Don’t speak to me until the finale… the same s**t you did to Paloma, you’re doing to her. You can f**k right off,” Daniel told a shocked Taylor as he stormed into the bathroom and began berating her.

“No, stop. I will never forget what you did to Paloma. You think she didn’t spiral because of you? You didn’t add to that? And now you’re trying to do it to Nicole, the mind games?” Daniel yelled at Taylor as she thought he was joking.

Big Brother alums respond to Daniel’s behavior

Below are just a few of the posts that former Big Brother players have been sharing on social media after they watched Daniel blow up on television.

“Daniel is such an embarrassment please. Imagine applying to the show relentlessly for 10 years to do THIS #bb24,” BB21 cast member Kat Dunn wrote on Twitter with a video of the incident from the episode.

“I truly have nothing to say other than f**k Nicole and Daniel. They deserve what is coming to them in the game and outside of it. #BB24,” wrote Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren in a post.

Andy H On BB24
BB15 cast member Andy Herren is not pleased with Daniel and Nicole on BB24. Pic credit: @AndyHerren/Twitter

“This is so appalling to watch. Grown men and women ostracizing, bullying, & belittling someone who has more CLASS in their pinky toe than these people have in their entire bodies. This is DISGUSTING. #BB24,” BB23 cast member Britini D’Angelo wrote.

Britini Comment On BB24
Britini from BB23 commented on Daniel’s behavior. Pic credit: @britinidangelo/Twitter

Some Big Brother 24 spoilers

A lot has happened following Ameerah’s eviction, and here is a breakdown of the Big Brother live feed spoilers. It includes the new HOH, who they nominated for eviction, and who won the Power of Veto.

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Edward Watkins
Edward Watkins
1 year ago

Daniel and Nicole should be ashamed of themselves for the @hit that’s happening to Taylor. They are the problem