Big Brother 22 spoilers: Veto Ceremony just took place, final noms set

Enzo Palumbo Week 4 HOH
Enzo Palumbo made two predictable Big Brother 22 nominations in Week 4. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 spoilers reveal what just took place at the Week 4 Veto Ceremony. The CBS live feeds went down for a little while so that the BB22 cast could figure out who would be on the block for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

For readers who are just catching up with what has been taking place, Kevin Campbell won the Power of Veto. He then had the chance to take himself off the block on Monday.

After Kevin won the POV, one of the houseguests volunteered to go on the block. It was a leap of faith and something to help ensure that Kaysar Ridha would be the next person getting evicted on BB All-Stars 2.

There was a lot of chatter taking place on the feeds, with the idea in place to make sure that Kaysar would be following Janelle Pierzina out the front door. It was also pretty far from the bold statements that Enzo made about getting blood on himself from the moves he was planning to make.

Then, in the overnight hours of Sunday leading into Monday, Enzo was seen having a conversation on the CBS live feeds where he was ready to make a significant move in the game.

Would he follow through with it? Or was this just more rhetoric before a boring move?

Before the Veto Ceremony even took place on Monday, Cody sat Enzo down to go over what has been taking place inside of the house. Cody also revealed another one of his alliances, almost entirely throwing Tyler under the bus in the process.

The video shared below should have shown Enzo that he wasn’t a part of an alliance that was as strong as he believed. But would he act on anything?

What did HOH Enzo do at the Veto Ceremony?

Kevin Campbell took himself off the block, forcing Enzo Palumbo to name a replacement nominee that would sit next to Kaysar Ridha at the Eviction Ceremony.

Christmas Abbott was named as the replacement nominee, very likely confirming that she will be a pawn for the week. Despite all his bold claims and TV moments about making a big move, it appears that Enzo is just going to continue targeting Kaysar.

Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night

Another Eviction Ceremony takes place on Thursday night, and there still hasn’t been a twist in the house following the Safety Suite getting closed. Christmas Abbott said a twist was coming, but that hint to the fans hasn’t actually led to anything.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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