Big Brother 2021: Season premiere to end with new twist for BB23 cast

Tyler Crispen Big Brother
Tyler Crispen from Big Brother 20 and 22 will likely be tuning in to watch the 2021 season. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 2021 season premiere airs next week, and a lot of new information came out about the show today. That information includes a huge new twist that is going to impact the BB23 cast as the first episode comes to an end.

Earlier we reported on how the Big Brother 2021 season is going to focus on teams in the early weeks. It’s something that definitely made Big Brother 14 more interesting when four former houseguests were brought back to be coaches of teams. Nobody is returning this season, but the BB23 cast will try out the team format again.

A lot is going to be on the line during the July 7 episode of Big Brother, especially since team members will be depending on their leader to win the Head of Household Competition. That could lead to some extra drama, which is what the fans of the show love to see each season.

That’s not all. Before the 90-minute episode comes to a close, host Julie Chen Moonves is going to reveal a huge new twist that could shake up everything on the same night that the BB23 cast begins playing the game. It could certainly make the Big Brother live feeds really exciting when they get turned on.

Big Brother 2021 ‘double-or-nothing’ twist

“The backyard on opening night is going to have a really fun casino backdrop, where all these games are going to be taking place. The one other big thing is that at the end of the episode, there will be a double-or-nothing offer Julie [Chen Moonves, the show’s host] will be making that may be too good for someone to refuse,” Big Brother producer Rich Meehan told Entertainment Weekly.

“An offer you can’t refuse. The first time ever at the end of the episode,” Big Brother producer Allison Grodner chimed in.

“A double or nothing offer that should be exciting to watch and see what happens,” Meehan added.

So what does it all entail? Rumors are already popping up all over social media, but those are just guesses. Could it be that the HOH winner can compete again to also be the Week 2 HOH, but also risk losing Week 1 HOH? Is it a chance to double the money they are playing for? Maybe it’s just a way for a team to gain safety for Week 2, but also risk losing it during Week 1?

We are all going to have to tune in for the July 7 Big Brother season premiere to see how it all plays out, but the excitement level and buzz from the producers trying a fresh new twist on Day 1 is certainly going to help the show.

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Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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