Beyond the Edge new episode airs at special time, celebrity gets hurt

Ray Lewis Beyond the Edge 1
Ray Lewis is a cast member on Beyond the Edge Season 1. Pic credit: CBS

The Beyond the Edge cast has already gone through a lot of injuries through the first four episodes, including actress Jodie Sweetin hurting her foot in the first few moments of the premiere.

On a later episode, reality TV star Colton Underwood was bitten by a snake, causing him to worry quite a bit about it being poisonous. Luckily, he ended up being fine, even though it was pretty painful.

During the fourth episode, ants descended upon the Beyond the Edge cast, leading to them all getting bitten, with former NFL star Ray Lewis and country music singer Lauren Alaina getting bitten up quite a bit.

But at least they all made it to the fourth episode. Former NBA star Metta World Peace quit the show, much like how he quit Celebrity Big Brother when he took part in a recent season in the United States.

Beyond the Edge airs at a new time

The fifth episode of Beyond the Edge airs on Wednesday, April 13 and it will be delayed until 10/9c on CBS. This is taking place on the CBS TV schedule because of the two-hour special episode of Survivor 42 that airs at 8/7c. Survivor fans are in for a lot of twists and turns on the evening.

Another celebrity gets hurt on Beyond the Edge

The promo for the new episode of Beyond the Edge claims that “the jungle claims another victim” during the hour. And within the television promo, we see Lauren take a bad fall while she is running. We then see Eboni K. Williams crying as Jodie holds her at camp.

“One celebrity seeks medical attention after taking a dangerous fall,” reads part of the episode synopsis for Beyond the Edge Episode 5.

It suggests that someone is going to have a bad injury, and while it hints that this person is going to ring the bell and leave the show, it doesn’t reveal who that person is or if they decide to try and tough it out to continue winning money for charity.

As a reminder, the April 13 episode of Beyond the Edge airs at 10/9c on CBS and it looks to be a pretty good one. The eight remaining celebrities are all battling through things, with most of them dealing with one or more injuries that they have sustained while on the show.

How many of these eight celebrities will make it to the upcoming Beyond the Edge season finale? Tune in on Wednesday nights to find out.

One final reminder that the April 13 episode begins at 10/9c before the show returns to its regular timeslot the following week.

Beyond the Edge airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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