Ben Smith addresses rumors that he wants to be the next Bachelor for 2022

Ben Smith
Ben Smith speaks out about Bachelor rumors. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Ben Smith won over fans with his shy personality and his life experiences that shocked some viewers.

During his time on The Bachelorette, Ben struggled to tell Tayshia Adams about his feelings for her.

That’s ultimately what sent him home, but he wasn’t known as the guy who couldn’t share his feelings.

Ben opened up about his struggles with an eating disorder and he admitted to Tayshia that he had attempted to commit suicide twice.

ABC allowed him to speak about these topics to the point where he brought national attention to them in ways that hadn’t been done often before.

Ben Smith breaks his silence about those Bachelor rumors

Because of Ben’s vulnerability on The Bachelorette, many people started to wonder if he was campaigning to become the next Bachelor.

Ben decided to address these rumors on the Off The Vine podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe. As it turns out, Ben had never watched the show and he didn’t plan on being part of the cast in 2020.

After recognizing that “something might happen that’s great,” he shared that he expected his time in Bachelor Nation would come to an end here.

“I never had any intentions of doing anything more,” he explained.

In other words, he currently has no intentions of doing Bachelor In Paradise or The Bachelor. However, things may change once the actual offer is on the table.

Did Ben Smith scheme to become The Bachelor?

It was Rachel Lindsay who first wondered if Ben was scheming on The Bachelorette to become the next Bachelor.

She wondered if he was holding back his emotions, so she would send him home – only for him to return and then share his feelings. That would show the world that he was ready to fight for love.

That’s exactly what happened.

Already when the show was airing, fans speculated that Ben was holding back his feelings when talking to Tayshia because he knew there was a chance he would be the next Bachelor.

Tayshia ended up sending him home right before the proposal.

A few days later, TMZ tracked him down and asked him about the plan to become the Bachelor, but he had no reaction. He refused to answer questions as to whether he would ever accept an offer to be The Bachelor by simply walking away from the reporter.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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