The Bachelorette star Ben Smith had ‘no reaction’ when asked if he wants to be the Bachelor

Ben Smith and Tayshia Adams
Ben Smith plays coy about being the next Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Ben Smith was eliminated last week from the show because he couldn’t share how he felt about Tayshia Adams.

While he could tell his family members that he loved Tayshia, he couldn’t get himself to say those three little words to her.

Because of his lack of action, Tayshia decided to send him home. She questioned where he was in the process.

While Ben admitted that his lack of expressing himself could be why he was sent home, he also shared that he messed that up if it was true.

Rachel Lindsay picked up on some vibes that didn’t sit well with her.

Ben Smith says he has ‘no reaction’ to Rachel Lindsay’s shade

Ben reminded Rachel of someone from her season, who she believes was using The Bachelorette to score The Bachelor lead.

Ben hasn’t commented on the possibility of being The Bachelor. And, that’s when TMZ decided to just ask him.

They found him and when they asked him about wanting to be the Bachelor, he shrugged it off.

When they asked him about Rachel’s comment, he said, “No reaction.” When asked further about the issue, he added, “I have no reaction.”

Ben didn’t want to address Rachel’s comments about him using The Bachelorette to make producers and viewers fall in love with him to the point where he would be offered The Bachelor lead.

When Ben was filming The Bachelorette, Matt James was already picked as the next Bachelor.

Ben Smith was called out by former Bachelorette

Rachel was the one who campaigned for ABC to avoid picking Ben at all costs. On her podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, Rachel Lindsay called out Ben, begging producers to keep it moving when it came to Ben.

While he was eliminated last week, we already know that he comes back during tonight’s episode to tell Tayshia that he loves her and he wants another chance.

Tayshia has revealed that sending Ben home was very emotional because they did have a strong connection. However, she had three other guys saying and sharing their feelings with her, reassuring her that they were in love with her.

ABC hasn’t confirmed whether they have explored other Bachelor leads, but Ben could possibly show up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer if the show is allowed to return.

The Bachelorette concludes this week on Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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