Ben Higgins reveals he abstained from sex with Jessica Clarke before marriage

Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins talks about abstinence. Pic credit: ABC

Ben Higgins thought he found love with Kaitlyn Bristowe during his Bachelor franchise debut on her season of The Bachelorette; however, she sent him home after fantasy suites.

Then Ben thought he had truly found his happily ever after with his Season 20 winner from his season of The Bachelor, Lauren Bushnell when they got engaged at the finale.

However, he and Lauren’s relationship failed to work, and they ended the engagement in May of 2017. Insert his current wife, Jessica Clarke Higgins, whom she started dating in March of 2019.

As their relationship continued to grow and flourish, Ben realized that this time, he really did find his true love. The pair got married in November of 2021, but Ben shared some shocking news about the couple.

Ben Higgins revealed why he and his wife, Jessica Clarke Higgins, waited until marriage to have sex

Recently, while on the podcast Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, with co-hosts Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson, Ben revealed that he and Jessica had waited until they were married to have sex.

In fact, Ben told the co-hosts and viewers that their decision to abstain from sex brought the duo closer as a couple.

When asked why they made such a decision, Ben stated, “There are multiple reasons we decided to wait. I think when people hear about it, they think it was a strictly faith-based decision or a religious decision, but it wasn’t solely that.”

While their faith played a part in their decision, Ben also mentioned it was not the only reason why they waited.

What were the other reasons that the couple waited to have sex until marriage?

He went on to say, “In my life, I was famous for Kaitlyn Bristowe calling me out and asking if I was a virgin and I wasn’t. And Jessica had abstained from sex her whole life waiting for marriage, and so when going into that relationship, we talked it out and decided the wise thing to do for us.”

Ben talked about how passionate Jessica was about it, and he wanted to honor her wishes because he knew how important it was to her. He figured that if it was the real deal between them, they’d have their whole life together for sex.

However, when COVID-19 and the pandemic hit, they didn’t plan on that pushing back their wedding so long. In fact, Ben joked on the podcast, “When we got engaged, we didn’t think that COVID was going to shut down our wedding for a year and a half. It was a big joke on us that we had to wait a year longer than expected.”

But it did bring them even closer together, according to Ben. He said because it wasn’t easy, they had to commit even more, and it gave them both something so exciting to look forward to on their wedding night.

He also discussed how their communication improved because it was easier to communicate with their words and remove any discomfort that way.

Ben stated that he’s proud of himself “for being able to respect Jessica’s decision and they share a very special bond because of it.” For the entire episode with Ben Higgins on Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, click here.  

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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