Ben Higgins calls out Matt James over The Bachelor: ‘He has no clue what’s going on’

Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins says Matt James has no idea what he’s doing. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins knows what it takes to film a season of the reality show and he knows that the lead will be challenged in many ways.

Ben has been watching Matt James’ season of the show and he even appeared on last week’s episode to help co-host a group date.

And even though Ben was nice to Matt and the women, he’s saying something else behind the scenes.

As it turns out, Ben is a bit disappointed in how the season is unfolding because he’s not really seeing any connections right now.

Ben Higgins isn’t invested in any storyline

Ben wants to watch the show and have a favorite that he’s rooting for. And right now, he doesn’t have one woman who he sees with Matt.

He opened up on the Click Bait podcast, where he called Matt’s season “frustrating.”

“I think his season, in general, has been a little frustrating in a sense of I really am rooting for Matt and I’m rooting for some of these girls, and right now [there are] no stories that I’m invested into,” Ben explained.

“There’s no relationships that I’m that into right now. I don’t know where this is going.”

Of course, Ben should know better than anyone else that connections can happen behind the scenes because the show tends to focus on the escalating drama that unfolds on the show. While the women were bickering, Matt could have had conversations with other contestants.

As for Ben, he thinks Matt doesn’t know what is going on.

“I think he has no clue what’s going on right now,” Ben explained.

“I think when you’re on the show prior, you probably just assume that something is going on in the house. You’re just like, ‘Yeah, at this point, we’re four weeks in. There’s definitely drama there. Not everybody is getting along.’ And you start to … maybe not ask directly, but you pick and prod. Like, ‘How’s life going in the house? Are you OK? Who doesn’t like each other? Who are you friends with?’ That’s a question I asked a lot. ‘Who are your best friends in the house?’ And if they’re like, ‘Well, I don’t really get along with [anyone],’ you’re like, ‘Well, that seems weird,’” he added.

Ben Higgins has made his predictions

Even though Ben is reportedly frustrated with Matt’s season of The Bachelor, there are some women who he finds interesting. In fact, he believes that Matt is indeed into Rachael.

Ben has guessed that Rachael will go far on the show, and possibly even win the show.

We already know, thanks to Reality Steve, that Rachael is possibly the winner. He hasn’t been able to confirm the winner completely, but Rachael’s mom is supposedly sharing that her daughter won The Bachelor.

She can’t stop talking and sources are turning to Reality Steve with the spoilers.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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