The Bachelor star Ben Higgins gives his guesses on Matt James’ winner

Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins speaks out about who could win The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins may not be looking for love on the reality show again, but he is still following along when the show airs every year.

Ben is invested in Matt James’ journey and he already has a couple of guesses as to who could go far on the show.

Additionally, Ben may have an advantage after recording a podcast with his co-host, Ashley Iaconetti.

As fans know, Ashley was part of the date this past week, so she has met the women personally.

Ben Higgins reveals who he thinks will go far

Now, Ben is ready to give his thoughts on who could go far and potentially win this season.

He spoke to LIT about his Bachelor predictions.

“Rachael was somebody that Ashley [Iaconetti] said she really felt had a connection [with Matt], and really got to see it. And Rachael’s been one of our favourites for a while now. So she really has high hopes for Rachael going forward. That’s all Ashley was able to see and share — I think most of her mind was consumed with Victoria making her feel awkward,” Ben revealed.

As it turns out, Ashley may have been under contract to the point where she couldn’t dish her thoughts to her podcast co-host.

“Rachael’s definitely in my top three. I think Bri, Rachael and Abigail are the ones that I would really look out for for the rest of the season. I think they have something special with Matt.”

You can see the interview below.

It’s possible that Ben Higgins read the spoilers

It’s possible that Ben has been following along the spoilers that have been shared by Reality Steve.

In earlier January, it was revealed that Rachael was rumored to be the final woman. At the time, Reality Steve shared that Rachael’s mom couldn’t stop telling everyone that her daughter had won the season.

At the time, he also explained that he couldn’t confirm anything. However, since then, Steve has shared that he’s almost 100% confident that Matt picks Rachael. He couldn’t confirm whether they were just dating or if they were engaged.

And that’s not all.

Rachael’s mom broke her silence this week, sharing that her daughter isn’t racist. Her mom shared that all of the rumors about her daughter not liking black guys is completely false.

The rumors don’t seem to have rattled Matt.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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