Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Gabriela Barragan claps back at Ashley Marti, gushes over one crew member amid drama

Gabriela from Below Deck Sailing Yacht reacts to Ashley Marti's mean girl comments.
Gabriela has a message for Ashley after the stew dissed her and said she made crew miserable. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht stew Gabriela Barragan has clapped back at Ashely Marti and gushed over one Season 3 crew member as the on-screen drama heats up.

Ashley and Gabriela do not like each other. It’s that simple. Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers have watched as they butt heads, are disrespectful to each other, and clash over pretty much everything.

The recent episode saw Gabriela getting frustrated with the interior tension. A couple of dustups with chef Marcos Spaziani only added to Gabriela’s stress.

Now, as rumors swirl that Bravo and Below Deck Sailing Yacht producers are hiding racial drama from fans, Gabriela has some things to say about her experience.

Below Deck Sailing Yachtt’s Gabriela Barragan claps back at Ashley Marti

The other day, Ashley slammed Gabriela on social media. As Monsters and Critics reported, Ashley had harsh words about Gabriela making crew members miserable while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Gabriela saw the Monsters and Critics tweet and replied with her own message about what Ashley said.

“The feeling was mutual,” Gabriela tweeted in response to the article.

Oh yes, these two are so not fans of each other.

The second stew also shared an Instagram post ahead of the most recent episode about not caring.

“When you’ve got a case of the f*ck it’s… ? #yolo #belowdecksailing #yachtie #yachtieworld #sailing #spain #menorca,” she captioned a picture of her chugging wine in a scene from the episode.

Gabriela gushes over chief stew Daisy Kelliher

On the Instagram post of her drinking wine, the comments section was filled with remarks for Gabriela.

One particular comment caught Gabriela’s attention, and she was quick to set the records straight. One user wanted to know why Daisy Kelliher would complement Ashley and not Gabriela.

“@daisykelliher87 Always told me how beautiful I looked on all of our nights out, she even let me borrow the jumper I wore in last night’s episode. We had similar tastes in fashion,” Gabriela replied.

Daisy also responded to the comment but only to give props to her second stew and her fashion sense.

Comment section
Pic credit: @_littlegaby/Instagram

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht interior drama has viewers divided over Gabriela and Ashley. They have chosen sides and are fierce defenders of their favorite stew.

During an Instagram Q&A session, Daisy was asked if Gabriela was a bad stew. Daisy defended Gabriela, saying she was awesome.

Daisy's Instagram story
Pic credit: @daisykelliher87/Instagram

Whatever drama’s coming on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 hasn’t impacted how Gabriela Barragan feels about chief stew Daisy Kelliker. However, it clearly did affect how Gabriela feels about Ashley Marti and vice versa.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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