Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast shares top charter guest red flags

Below Deck Sailing YAcht crew shares charter guest red flag knowledge.
There are many clues that can giveaway if a charter guest is going to be difficult. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast has shared their top charter guest red flags that let them know it will be a rough few days.

Viewers have watched as the Parsifal III crew tackled some dreadful charter guests this season.

A couple of groups were okay, even inspirational, like charter guest Kerry McReynolds. However, the season has also been filled with some jerks, douchebags, and overdemanding guests.

In a behind the scenes tell-all with Bravo, the cast spilled how they can tell even before speaking to a guest what they can expect from the charter.

These clues indicate a high-maintenance guest

Madison Stalker shared the one way she can tell if the guest will be high-maintenance is the amount of luggage the person brings. If someone has three bags for three days, Madison knows the guest will be “a little extra.”

Georgia Grobler admits a dead giveaway for her is the type of clothing a guest is wearing. If a person is dressed in loud clothing that is really flashy, they will be more challenging than someone in pastels or neutral colors.

Paget Berry and his girlfriend Ciara Duggan both agree that stiletto heels indicate a troubling or challenging guest. Ciara shared anyone who has been on a boat knows there is a no-shoe policy, so wearing heels to board signals difficulty for the crew.

Parker McCown spilled if the guests are drinking heavily from the beginning it a sign the charter is probably going to be intense.

The diva and douchebag red flags

Jenna MacGillivray can spot a douchebag or diva from the second she sees a guest. The douchebag giveaways include the way a person speaks, as well as big chain necklaces and gaudy jewelry. Oh, and if the guest looks like they work out too much.

The chief stew shared that the diva indicators are similar. She said a guest dressed excessively and clearly trying to show off is a big red flag “the group is not coming just to enjoy a vacation, but they’re coming on a yacht to say ‘I’m on a yacht.'”

Not surprisingly, Adam Glick has the same thoughts as his boatmance. He expressed a guest male or female clad in jewelry is a good indicator of what the crew can expect.

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast knows how to tell if they are in for a rough ride with a group of guests. They have certainly had their fair share of the high-maintenance or challenging charters this season, and it isn’t over yet.

Captain Glenn Shephard has to do a drug search on the final charter, which could be the Parsifal III crew’s most challenging one yet.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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