Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Kerry McReynolds: Producers share update on her cancer battle

Kerry McReynolds was a charter guest with cancer on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Kerry left an impression on the entire crew because of her positive outlook on battling cancer. Pic credit: Bravo

Kerry McReynolds is one of the most memorable charter guests this season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht because of her cancer battle and positive life perspectives.

Bravo producers recently gave fans an update on Kerry, who viewers know was battling Stage 4 cancer. Kerry spent the trip embracing everything that life had to offer.

She left lasting impressions on the entire Parsifal III crew.

How is Kerry doing today?

The Bravo show was filmed months ago. Producers gave fans an update on Kerry’s cancer battle during an enhanced version of her episode this week.

Kerry is still hanging in there. The coronavirus pandemic has added another challenger for her. Having to receive cancer treatments and abide by the extra precautions during the current health climate is not easy to navigate.

Based on an update on a GoFundMe page for Kerry promoting her appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Kerry is hoping to start an experimental trial soon.

She has not officially been accepted, but her odds look good.

Kerry’s memorable charter

Several charter guests have left an impression on the inaugural season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The Long Island bros and the ladies posing naked on the beach are the first to come to mind.

However, fans remember those two groups for different reasons than Kerry. She is being praised for her positive outlook as she battled cancer.

Fans would never have known Kerry’s struggle if it hadn’t been revealed in Captain Glenn Shephard’s preference sheet meeting.

It was the guest’s mission to honor and celebrate Kerry’s life on the trip, so the crew pulled out all the stops to make sure Kerry and her friends had the best yachting experience.

The guests enjoyed riding around on a hot dog float, watching the crew do a pajama fashion, and had Paget Berry deliver a birthday in nothing but his undies.

Chief stew Jenna MacGillivray felt a special connection to Kerry because of her later. The two had a heartfelt chat that left Jenna in awe of the guest.

Fans may not like Jenna, but she did go out of her way to make the trip extra special.

The impact Kerry McReynolds left on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast was evident by the tears in some of their eyes as the group disembarked the yacht.

She will go down as one of the most inspirational guests to appear on any installment of the hit Bravo franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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