Below Deck Med: Kyle Viljoen gushes over chief stew Natasha Webb

Kyle and Natasha from Below Deck Med.
Natasha and Kyle enjoy Below Deck Med night out. Pic credit: @kylethebold/Instagram

Below Deck Med star Kyle Viljoen gushes over chief stew Natasha Webb as the Season 7 interior drama heats up on-screen.

There’s no question that battle lines are being drawn within the interior team.

It’s Natasha and Kyle versus Natalya Scudder, especially after the latter went to Captain Sandy Yawn to complain.

Kyle recently doubled down on his claims that Natalya’s a snitch.

As for Natalya, she admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she has blocked him on social media.

Things are about to go from bad to worse between the interior crew and Kyle making sure fans know which side he’s on always.

Kyle Viljoen gushes over chief stew Natasha Webb

Last week Kyle used Instagram to praise his pal, Natasha. Kyle didn’t mince words but was his true, blunt and honest self in his post.

After making a joke about the rainy weather on the episode, Kyle got real about Natasha.

“No matter rain (literally), sun or cloudy days I will always be there for those whom have been there for me through it all. My friendship is never justified but signified with unity and a common goal!” was the caption on the Instagram post that was accompanied by four photos from a crew night out.

Below Deck Med stars react to Kyle Viljoen’s post

The comments section of Kyle’s message had a few familiar faces in it.

One of the first people to respond was Natasha, who was touched by his message. Natasha also revealed that she will always be there for Kyle and gushed over his smile.

Their Season 7 colleague bosun Storm Smith replied with a joke, while Below Deck Med Season 4 alum Anastasia Surmava responded with heart emojis.

Below Deck Med stars respond to Kyle's post.
Pic credit: @kylethebold/Instagram

While Storm and Anastasia appear to be team Kyle and Natasha, not everyone agrees. Below Deck Mediterranean fans have been vocal about the interior crew drama, and it doesn’t bode well for Natata and Kyle.

Former Below Deck Med chief stew Hannah Ferrier even weighed in on how Natasha was doing as a chief stew.

Natasha has been heavily focused on her relationship drama, first with chef Dave White, and now with her boyfriend.

Only a handful of episodes remain in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7. The tension between Natasha Webb, Kyle Viljoen, and Natalya Scudder only gets worse.

Those who have early access on Peacock know the breaking point for this team is coming, and it’s going to be good.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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11 months ago

These two and their little clique are the perfect candidates for President and Vice President of the high school mean girls club. Tash is the worst chief stew in below deck history. She hates confrontation so she runs away and hides from any issues or just gushingly stares up at (insert any male name here) like a deer in headlights instead of taking the lead and dealing as a chief stew should. She is not chief stew material and would rather flirt or kiss up to the captain or just smile her way through life with her fakeness or continue to lead on Dave (who can do so much better) with her constant mixed messages or stay caught up in some boy drama instead of standing on her own for once (because she’s clearly codependent). She runs to Kyle for everything instead of just handling it and then downplays any conflict when the boss comes asking because she wants to look like she is good at her job and has everything under control (when she doesn’t). Tash and Kyle both would rather just sit around and gossip and giggle like they are 15 or gang up on Natalya who is working harder than the two of them combined. Tash is not a leader but a follower and needs professional help because she looks pathetic when it comes to her need to be defined by having a man, any man, in all areas of her life. She spent more time texting with her very toxic ex than actually working. And guarantee she has yet another new man in her life right now because she’s one of those who can never be alone for five minutes. And Kyle needs to grow up.