Below Deck Med: Jessica talks being misled by Rob regarding his open relationship

Was Jessica misled by Rob?
Jessica More talks about relationship with Rob Westergaard. Pic credit: Bravo

Things are heating up on Below Deck Mediterranean, and as always, some of the cast members are hooking up.

One of the hot romances brewing on The Wellington is between newbies Jessica More and Rob Westergaard.

Unfortunately, the second stew and the deckhand were doomed from the start because Rob is not as available as he led Jessica to believe.

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The two hotties had chemistry from the moment they met, but while Jessica revealed that she was single, Rob was a bit vaguer about his relationship status.

Rob revealed that he had broken things off with his ex. But after chief stew Hannah showed Jessica a recently posted photo of Rob kissing another woman, it became clear that he wasn’t being completely honest.

The photo came as a surprise to the brunette beauty who thought that the deckhand was single, but he later shared that he was in an open relationship.

The whole thing has been confusing for fans and Jessica as well.

Now she’s talking about the situation in a new interview with Andy Cohen.

Jessica talks about her relationship with Rob

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, the Below Deck Mediterranean newbie was asked about her relationship with Rob.

“I was very clear about not wanting to date anybody that was in a relationship,” she said.  “And not wanting to start anything because I said I wanted a serious relationship and that I wasn’t just casually dating anymore.”

Jessica continued, “What I was fed was kind of to appease what I said, and I think that wasn’t exactly the circumstance.”

When Cohen asked if she made her intentions clear to Rob, she stated, “I’m so blunt and honest, I don’t know how it wasn’t clear to him when I literally said exactly what I just said to you.”

“I literally said exactly that to him and everybody else, too,” added the Bravo alum.

Did Rob admit to misleading Jessica?

Rob also shared his two cents with Andy during a WWHL:@Home After Show.

When asked if he thinks his words may have been misleading, he replied, “I know that I was open and honest about it. I can see how it could be taken that way in the episodes building up to this one.”

Rob added, “I just feel spanners were thrown in the works. Yeah, I could see how that could be misleading.”

Jessica More on Her Relationship with Robert Westergaard | WWHL

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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