Below Deck Med: Malia and Rob have heated exchange as tensions mount aboard the yacht

There's tension brewing between Robert and bosun Malia
Rob and Malia have tense moment onboard. Pic credit: Bravo

Things are getting tense aboard The Wellington and now there seems to be an issue with bosun Malia White and deckhand Robert Westergaard.

On tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, we’ll see an altercation between Malia and Robert.

Tensions have been mounting on the yacht due to issues with lead deckhand Pete and several female members of the crew.

The yachtie has been given a few warnings both from Malia and from captain Sandy after reports of his inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

Pete has since been fired from Bravo but the season continues to play out on TV. His role has reportedly been reduced as his scenes have been edited to minimize Pete’s role on the show but he’s definitely not gone yet.

Tonight we’ll witness a tense moment between Malia and a usually calm Rob.

So far the two have had a mutually respectful relationship, but things might be taking a turn for the worse.

Malia has tense moment with Rob

In the clip we see Malia and Rob working on the deck but the conversation gets awkward and seems to stem from Malia asking the deckhand to speed things up.

His response was, “Let’s be polite to one another. It seems there’s tension.”

The Below Deck alum responds to the Bravo TV newbie, “You have to understand that guests are our main priority. There’s gotta be a bit of speed with things.”

“But it’s transferring that energy across now,” says Robert. “People are sensitive so I’m just being mindful.”

The topic of conversation seems to annoy the bosun, who responds saying, “Okay Rob your boss is gonna ask you to hurry sometimes.”

When Rob stated that he’s just going to remain quiet for the rest of the day, Malia retorts, “You don’t have to take things so personally every time.”

However, the clip ends with the yachtie reiterating his stance saying, “I’m gonna keep quiet today.”

Captain Sandy has her hands full

That’s not the only awkward moment we’ll witness on Below Deck Med tonight.

Captain Sandy has her hands full with a group of frustrated charter guests who are not impressed with the food or the service.

Due to this, Chef Kiko’s job might be on the line as she gives him an ultimatum tonight to “wow” the guests or risk being replaced.

Additionally, Sandy also has to intervene in a heated argument between the first and second stew, Bugsy and Jessica.

As the two women go at it mid-charter, Sandy is left frustrated that her chief stew Hannah Ferrier is not doing enough.

All this will play out in tonight’s episode.

Below Deck: Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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