Below Deck Med: Is Chef Kiko getting fired on tonight’s episode? Captain Sandy gives him ultimatum

Kiko gets ultimatum from Captain Sandy
Is Kiko on the chopping block tonight? Pic credit:@Bravtotv

Someone’s head might be on the chopping block on Below Deck Mediterranean and we have a clue who it might be.

A clip for tonight’s episode shows chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran in hot water with Captain Sandy.

Now we’re wondering if this could spell the end for the lovable yachtie.

So far, Kiko has been killing it onboard The Wellington impressing guests and crew members with his delicious cuisine.

However, things are about to take a turn for the worst as we see in the sneak peek.

Captain Sandy gives Kiko an ultimatum

It seems that the newest group of charter guests have very high expectations and things are going to prove challenging for the entire crew.

However, it’s Kiko that will apparently take on the brunt of the stress as Captain Sandy gives him an ultimatum if he doesn’t step things up.

In the clip from Bravto TV, we see Sandy interacting with the guest, and they express that they are none-too-pleased with the service or with the food.

One of the men says, “For this kind of Yacht, the food and the service that was average.”

If it’s one thing we know from several seasons of watching the show it’s that Captain Sandy does not accept average.

The comments from the guest led to a serious conversation between the captain and the head chef.

She tells him, “I wanna walk out there and hear the clients go wow.”

Kiko looked on nervously as Captain Sandy continued, “You have to do that for me. Otherwise, I have to find another chef!”

Captain Sandy gets frustrated

The Kiko situation is not the only issue Sandy has to contend with on tonight’s episode of Below Deck Med.

She also has to get the interior in gear since the charter guests were not impressed with their service either.

However, it seems Sandy will also have to have a chat with her chief stew Hannah regarding her ability to manage her first and second stew.

In the clip, we see Bugsy and Jessica engaged in a heated argument as Hannah stands by and does nothing.

Captain Sandy intervenes in the argument between the two women, but later questions Hannah’s leadership.

“Whats my chief stew doing? I don’t see her leading,” Says Sandy.

The clip ends as she sits down with Hannah to talk things through.

When the full episode airs tonight we’ll see how all this plays out.  Let’s just hope no one gets fired.

Who’s job do you think is on the line, Hannah or Kiko?

Below Deck: Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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