Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier shuts down EJ Jansen claims she copied his yachting course

Hannah Ferrier addresses claims she stole EJ Jansen's yachting course.
Hannah set the record straight regarding her yachting school. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier has shut down Below Deck alum EJ Jansen’s claims she copied his yachting course.

Fans will recall, EJ recently went on the podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef and accused Hannah of stealing his Yacht School online course.

He insisted her Ocean International Training Academy was created because she copied his school “word for word.”

EJ also accused Hannah of going ballistic on him when he reached out to her via DM. The two have never met. However, EJ claims the social media exchange was far from pleasant.

Hannah sets the record straight

The new mom opened up about the recent accusations on her Dear Diary, You’re Effed! podcast. Hannah kicked things off by talking about finding the right balance between work and baby daughter Ava.

After Hannah gave an update on her yachting school, the conversation turned to EJ’s accusations. The Below Deck Med beauty then spilled she had to Google EJ because she didn’t know who he was.

Yes, EJ sent Hannah a DM. It was two days before she gave birth to Ava. Hannah read the DM before sharing her reply shutting down his accusations.

“Hi, EJ. I wasn’t aware you had a website, so I certainly didn’t copy your course,” she explained.

As for the photo EJ claims Hannah took, she spilled that photo was a standard stock image from Unsplash. Hannah revealed she sent him a list of people using it and suggested he contact the licensees’ website if EJ had rights to the photo.

Teaching the same subject brings similarities.

Hannah let fans know how EJ responded to her DM, admitting he could be wrong, but after looking at her course, there are so many similarities to his own.

“So you’re trying to teach people how to join yachting, and I’m teaching people how to join yachting. Obviously, there’s going to be some elements that look the same,” Hannah explained.

The answer didn’t appease EJ, who then wrote to Hannah claiming her course could “potentially become legal territory to my intellectual property.”

As Hannah explained to EJ and on her podcast, courses can’t be copyrighted worldwide.

“I was like, you can’t copyright courses worldwide. If he wants to go down that road, then he’s copying off Blue Water, for example,” she shared.

Hannah Ferrier has debunked EJ Jansen’s claims she stole his yachting course. She did bring up his suggestion that they work together.

It is not going to happen, and for a pretty obvious reason. Hannah has no interest in collaborating with a random guy who accused her of stealing and threatened her with legal action.

Perhaps now that Hannah has spoken, this yachting school thievery can be put to rest.

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