Below Deck charter guest Tony Thornton thanks Captain Lee, his wife Porscha reveals favorite crew member

Below Deck charter guests Porscha and Tony Thornton dish crew members.
Tony and Porscha are stand-out charter guests who have gushed over their Below Deck experience. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck charter guest Tony Thornton thanks Captain Lee Rosbach for the experience, while his wife Porscha revealed her favorite crew member.

Tony and Porscha just wrapped up their two-episode stint on Below Deck Season 9. The group ended the charter with a vow renewal officiated by Captain Lee. It was a beautiful moment for the charter guests and Below Deck fans.

After their Below Deck stint hit airwaves, Porscha and Tony took to social media to share some thoughts on their vacation aboard the My Seanna.

Below Deck charter guest Tony Thornton thanks Captain Lee

There’s no question that Tony was one of the most respectful guests ever to appear on Below Deck. Not only did he make sure his group had a wonderful experience, but Tony also made sure the crew was treated properly.

When the guests gathered for dinner, Tony wouldn’t allow them to be seated until Captain Lee joined the group. Tony also asked to come aboard and leave the My Seanna.

Captain Lee commented on Tony following protocol while he was live-tweeting the episode.

“Love the way Tony follows protocol. Really enjoyed this group,” the stud of the sea Tweeted.

Tony replied to the captain’s words with a thank you message to Captain Lee and the crew.

“Skipper – truly a blessing to be there! Thank you and your crew again for allowing on your incredible vessel!” Tony wrote.

Captain Lee praises guest Tony Thornton and Tony replies.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter and @navybluetony/Twitter

Below Deck charter guest Porscha Thornton reveals favorite crew member

Besides thanking Captain Lee and the crew, Tony shared a video of him and his wife Porscha talking about Below Deck. The footage featured Porscha spilling her favorite crew member from their trip to her husband.

“I have a favorite!” she exclaimed as Tony replied, “okay.”

Looking at her husband, Porscha went on to reveal Eddie Lucas is her favorite and shared why the first-officer won her over.

“Eddie’s my favorite,” Porscha insisted. “Like he absolutely is. Like Eddie was … this was Eddie, ‘May I help you? Is everything okay? What would you like? Are you good?’ But without it being like that in your space, none of that. None of that. But it was a good balance. Eddie was like having a best friend, who owned a yacht, and said, ‘Come hang out with me on the weekend, and anything you need, I got it.'”

Tony agreed with his wife as they admitted Eddie had a way of making the group feel safe.

Eddie soon showed up in the comments section of Porscha and Tony’s post, responding to the couple’s nice words about him.

“Aww you guys! And seriously the feeling was mutual! Your group was by far my favorite of the season. Y’all made it easy and fun! Can’t wait to get together again,” Eddie spilled.

Eddie gushes over Below Deck charter guests.
Pic credit: @navybluetony/Instagram

Tony and Porscha Thornton have shared some thoughts on their Below Deck Season 9 experience. They are big fans of Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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