Below Deck: Eddie Lucas reveals Season 9 crew members he would work with again

eddie Lucas from Below Deck talks Season 9 and who he's work with again.
Season 9 of Below Deck has been challenging for Eddie but one person made it easier for him. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas has revealed the Season 9 crew members he would work with again.

There’s no question Season 9 of Below Deck has been one for the book and not in a good way. The season has earned mixed reactions from Below Deck fans, who feel it is boring, and the new crew members are unlikeable.

Jake Foulger has viewers disgusted with his off-charter antics. Deckhand Wes O’Dell did recently reveal a side of Jake that Below Deck fans don’t see on the show.

The drama with Heather Chase saying the N-word hasn’t earned the chief stew many fans either. Plus, Rayna Lindsey’s behavior has been under fire too. Captain Lee Rosbach addressed both issues, having some harsh words for the two ladies.

Meanwhile, Eddie has struggled to find his footing as a first officer. The deck team making rookies mistakes has not helped either.

Which Below Deck Season 9 crew member would Eddie work with again?

Despite everything, though, there are two crew members Eddie would love to have on his team again. One of those people is Wes.

“Deck crew, I would probably have Wes. You know I really enjoyed working with Wes this past season. Such a nice guy. Like level headed guy. Took a little bit to pick up on the speed. I mean he’ll learn,” Eddie shared in a YourEncore event, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet.

Wes hasn’t made waves this season, and he does seem like a nice guy. However, he also hasn’t brought much to the show other than his brief interest in a boatmance with former stew Jessica Albert.

Fraser Olender was also on Eddie’s list. The two guys were cabin mates, so Eddie got to know Fraser very well.

“I’d love to work with Fraser,” Eddie expressed. “Fraser, I know he gets a little bit of a bum rap, but he is actually fantastic. He is a great guy to work with, he’s such a hard worker.”

Would Eddie work for another Below Deck captain?

Captain Sean Meagher stepped in for Captain Lee at the beginning of Below Deck Season 9. Eddie struggled to adjust to a new captain and was beyond excited when the stud of the sea joined the crew.

Just because Eddie didn’t mesh with Captain Sean doesn’t mean he isn’t open to working with one of the other Below Deck captains. Eddie wouldn’t mind the chance to work with Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Captain Glenn Shephard.

“I would also work for Captain Glenn [Shephard]. He seems to be kind of the same wavelength as me. I think he and I would get along really well. And he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. And be out there and I respect that. I really do,” Eddie stated.

Captain Glenn has a similar style to Captain Lee, whereas Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Yawn is quite different. Captain Sandy has been declared a micromanager by Below Deck Mediterranean viewers.

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck has revealed which Season 9 crew members he would work with again.

What do you think of Eddie’s picks?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Anyone who has watched the video of Heather saying the “N” word is well aware that she was only repeating/parroting what Rayna said. And she was drunk. Bravo just had to blow the heck out of it, and turn a tiny ant hill into a mountain. Of course, with the help of hateful, racist, narcissistic @RaynaLindsey. Rayna is, hands down, the WORST cast member ever. I only started watching Below Deck years ago, because my daughter and her fiance (now husband) worked on a yacht, and it gave me a better understanding of the industry as a whole. After this season, I will never watch it again. Way to go, Bravo–turning an fun show into a virtue-signaling, pornographic mess.