Below Deck: Eddie Lucas talks Rayna Lindsey and Heather Chase drama, shares producers poorly handled situation

Below Deck's Eddie Lucas defends reaction to Heather Chase saying N-word and upsetting Rayna Lindsey.
Eddie reveals there was so much more to the Heather and Rayna drama but producers shut it down. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Eddie Lucas talks about the Rayna Lindsey and Heather Chase drama plaguing Season 9 of the hit yachting show. Eddie has shared producers did not handle the situation correctly too.

Ever since Heather said the N-word on Season 9 of Below Deck, the drama has been at an all-time high. The chief stew did issue an apology after the episode aired.

Rayna has been spilling the tea on what went down, including blasting Bravo, Eddie, and Captain Lee Rosbach for basically doing nothing at all. Captain Lee addressed the issue in his blog, and now Eddie has spoken about it.

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck talks Rayna Lindsey and Heather Chase drama

During a virtual YourEncore event shared with ShowBiz Cheatsheet, Eddie admitted he was upset by what Heather said. Eddie spilled he does not brush racism under the rug and feels “Heather shouldn’t have said that word.”

Regarding the conversation when Rayna first told him Heather said the racial slur, Eddie insisted so much of it did not make it on-screen. The first officer reiterated that he let Rayna know what Heather said was not okay before sharing what Below Deck viewers didn’t see.

“Rayna wasn’t comfortable going to the captain right away about it. She didn’t want to. She just wanted to say, ‘Hey, this bothered me. This is why I was upset, and I was fine.’ And I said, ‘Okay, fine, but, you know, don’t let those problems that are happening at the time bother you. You know, if you don’t want to make it a big deal, then don’t let it affect you,” Eddie shared before adding that’s why it appears as he brushed her off.

What did Eddie Lucas say about production?

Rayna had no problem putting production on blast, dissing how she was edited. Eddie has admitted the situation was “poorly handled on so many levels.”

The main level was production, which Eddie shared shut him down from talking about it on camera several times.

“I mean, I was told on numerous occasions to not talk about it and not bring it up anymore. I mean, when I had the conversation with Rayna about it, I wanted to go talk to Captain Lee. As soon as that conversation ended, there was an EP right out there saying, ‘OK, that was it. No more, we’re done talking about this,'” Eddie expressed.

Oh yes, it seems the powers that be behind Below Deck were terrified of the incident coming out. Yet Bravo chose to air the footage and then not address it amid all the backlash.

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck has spoken about what went down after Heather Chase said the N-word in front of Rayna Lindsey. Although he didn’t address what Rayna has said on social media, Eddie did shed light on what Below Deck fans didn’t see on-screen.

If the mid-season trailer is any indication, the rest of Season 9 will be one wild and crazy ride that includes this hot button topic.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8 on Bravo.