Fraser Olender and Wes O’Dell weigh in on Jake Foulger’s off charter behavior on Below Deck

Wes and Fraser from Below Deck dish Jake's naked flirty behavior on show.
Fraser and Wes are not offended by Jake’s off-work antics on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Fraser Olender and Wes O’Dell have weighed in on Jake Foulger’s off-charter behavior on Below Deck.

Jake has become synonymous with his antics during the My Seanna crew’s days or nights away from the yacht. The lead deckhand tends to get naked amid his drunken actions. Jake also has a tendency to make out with other crew members like Fraser and Rayna Lindsey.

Captain Lee Rosbach recently dished Jake’s behavior on the show. Now Jake’s good friend Fraser and colleague Wes share their two cents on the subject.

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The two Season 9 crew members have spilled the tea on just how much or little Jake’s antics affected his work.

What did Wes say about Jake’s off-charter behavior on Below Deck?

Wes and Fraser were guests on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week. During the virtual fan questions segment of the After Show, Wes was asked if Jake’s behavior off-charter was unprofessional.

“You know what, he is a freaking gem. I love him to death,” Wes expressed. “And honestly, it hasn’t reflected, except for early early in the mornings when we get back from those long nights. Normally on charters, guests and audience aren’t seeing what we do when we go out. So as long as he’s there to show up and does his job and he does it well, that’s all I care about.”

Fraser weighs in on Rayna and Jake’s hook up

WHHL also featured Fraser getting a virtual fan question asking if he felt Jake flirted with Heather just to make Rayna jealous.

“No, there was sexual chemistry there for sure,” Fraser spilled, shocking Andy and the audience.

Is Jake Foulger’s Off-Charter Behavior Unprofessional? | WWHL

Andy, of course, couldn’t resist diving into the Jake, Rayna, and Fraser throuple that has occured a couple of times on the show. Most recently, Fraser removed himself from a situation that led to Rayna and Jake getting freaky in her bunk.

Yes, Fraser thinks more happened between Jake and Rayna that night than they are admitting.

“Things got heated, and you know that’s why I left. My place was no longer, um, I didn’t want to let myself get involved in anything that I didn’t want to be in. And I didn’t want to be involved in that, so let them have their fun,” Fraser shared.

The stew also admitted he did feel like a third wheel while hanging with Jake and Rayna in her cabin.

Did Something Happen Between Rayna Lindsey & Jake Foulger? | WWHL

Jake Foulger from Below Deck Season 9 certainly has people talking. Wes O’Dell and Fraser Olender have shared some thoughts about the lead deckhand and his off-charter behavior.

In a recent Q&A session, Jake let Below Deck fans know he’s been struggling with mental health issues. The deckhand also clarified his relationship status following his Below Deck hook-ups.

What do you think of Wes and Fraser’s comments about Jake?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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