How to watch Below Deck Season 9?

Below Deck Season 9: How to watch.
The mid-season break brought some confusion for Below Deck Season 9 viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

How to watch Below Deck Season 9 has become one hot topic for fans the past couple of weeks.

The latest season of Below Deck has brought quite a bit of drama on and off-screen. While the first half of Below Deck Season 9 was filled with the usual antics like boatmances, drunk crew shenanigans, and demanding charter guests, something has shifted as the second half unfolds on-screen.

It all began when Below Deck took a break between Christmas and New Year. In the past, Bravo has aired new episodes of Below Deck every Monday night throughout the year. There is no break, even for holidays.

Then the network decided to shift the time Below Deck Season 9 aired. Another drastic change considering Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht consistently air Monday nights at 9/8c.

How to watch Below Deck Season 9?

On Monday, January 3 Below Deck kicked off the New Year with a new time slot. Below Deck Season 9 now airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

The network didn’t announce the time change, leaving Below Deck viewers confused when they turned in at the usual time. Bravo has yet to explain why after all these years, Below Deck now airs at a new time.

Below Deck fan not happy with time change.
Pic credit: @DKeague24/Twitter

One thing that remains the same is that Below Deck Season 9 episodes drop on Peacock every Tuesday.

That means Below Deck viewers can watch the yachting show on Monday nights on Bravo or the next day on Peacock.

Why did Bravo change Below Deck Season 9 time?

There have been many questions regarding the Below Deck Season 9 time shift. Below Deck, fans are unhappy with the change, especially since there was no advance notice.

Captain Lee Rosbach doesn’t even know why the time slot was changed. The captain bluntly answered one Twitter user’s question about it recently.

Captain Lee from Below Deck answers fan question.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Summer House Season 6 premieres tonight at 9/8c on Bravo, immediately following Below Deck. So, it seems the network chose to move Below Deck to make room for that show.

However, Below Deck and Summer House make for an odd line-up.

Considering the racial tension exploding on Below Deck Season 9, one can’t help but wonder if that has something to do with the change. Heather Chase saying the N-word has certainly changed the dynamic of the season.

Rayna Lindsey has blasted producers and Bravo for how the situation was handled. First-officer Eddie Lucas shared he was told not to speak about the incident on camera.

There are only a handful of episodes left in Season 9 of Below Deck, but something is definitely off with the yachting show. A time change, racial drama, and lack of content on the Below Deck section of Bravo’s website are raising eyebrows for sure.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Stop blaming Heather for what Rayna said first!!! And while you’re at it Bravo, get rid of Rayna.

Cristi k Moreland
Cristi k Moreland
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She is unprofessional has no respect for her superiors and a slut. She is a cry baby. She is rude. Let it go

2 years ago

I guess Rayna needs the attention cuz if she isnt crying about Heather she’s making out with one of the guys She needs to go she is so phony