Captain Lee Rosbach admits Below Deck Season 9 drama shocked him

Captain Lee from Below Deck reveals Season 9 left him shook.
Captain Lee continues to be surprised by the events unfolding on Below Deck Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has admitted the Below Deck Season 9 drama has shocked him.

After nine seasons of dealing with crew members and charter guests, Captain Lee has seen more than his fair share of craziness on the show. Each season features moments that leave the captain angry and stunned. Season 8, for example, consisted of drunk charter guest Delores Flora.

However, there are some moments Captain Lee doesn’t see until the show plays out on-screen. Below Deck Season 9 has been filled with those instances, including Jake Foulger getting naked a lot.

The season is more than half over, but there’s still plenty of shenanigans left for Captain Lee to endure.

Captain Lee Rosbach admits Below Deck Season 9 drama shocked him

Thanks to an interview with The Morning Show, Below Deck fans have more insight into what Captain Lee really thinks of Season 9. The captain admitted to being shocked at how the season unfolded.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m as surprised as anybody. I’m watching it, and I’m just like, I pull my glasses off and will be like, ‘Did I see that right?” he expressed. “Or I’ll hear someone and go like, ‘No, she really didn’t just say that did she?'”

No, Captain Lee didn’t address the drama that has plagued the show, which is Heather Chase saying the N-word. The captain did address it in his blog, revealing he does not tolerate the word on his yachts. He also had some harsh words for Heather and Rayna Lindsey over the situation.

Captain Lee is looking forward to the rest of Season 9

Although he lived through the season, Captain Lee is still looking forward to what’s to come on Below Deck Season 9. The captain is ready to learn more of what he missed while he was in the wheelhouse.

“I’m looking forward to what’s coming down the road. Because I see it the same time you do. Even though I lived through it, all the stuff that happens, in the galley while I’m up in the wheelhouse, I’m not privy to,” the captain shared.

Captain Lee recently took on a troll who slammed him over not dealing with the racial slur incident. There will surely be more of those moments as Season 9 comes to a close.

Meanwhile, the addition of new stew Kaylee Milligan will give Captain Lee more drama to deal with and someone new to blog about. After all, stew Fraser Olender freaked out about Heather hiring her friend even before he met Kaylee.

It turns out Below Deck Season 9 has left Captain Lee Rosbach shocked as he watched things unfold on-screen.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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