Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach losing patience with Season 8 crew members

Is Captain Lee ready to fire a Below Deck Season 8 crew member?
Captain Lee used his blog to dish about his My Seanna crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach is quickly losing patience with his Below Deck Season 8 crew members.

All of the My Seanna team members are on his radar, but not all of them are for a bad reason. There are two people that Captain Lee feels are doing an excellent job.

Then there are two crew members who just don’t seem to be living up to the captain’s standards. It is not hard for viewers to know exactly who has caught Captain Lee’s eyes for all the wrong reasons.

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In his blog, Captain Lee spilled the tea on each crew member.

The deck crew breakdown

Captain Lee thinks bosun Eddie Lucas is doing a great job with the deck team. He is pleased with Eddie’s growth. The captain also knows Eddie has two big problems on his hands in Shane Coopersmith and James Hough.

Speaking of Shane, Captain Lee isn’t too optimistic the deckhand can turn things around. The captain is not pleased with Shane at all. Fans can expect Captain Lee to talk with Shane and Eddie very soon. Next week perhaps.

James too is on Captain Lee’s radar, and that is because the deckhand is an enigma to the captain. Lucky for the deckhand, Captain Lee likes him, so as long as James does the work, the two should have no significant issues.

Izzy Wouters is quickly becoming one of the captain’s favorites thanks to her one-liners and work ethic. Captain Lee believes she is right where she belongs this season.

The interior drama

Captain Lee knows chief stew Francesca Rubi is dealing with a hand’s-full situation. Although he likes the job Francesca is doing, the captain fears that trouble is brewing with chef Rachel Hargrove and Elizabeth Frankini.

Let’s be honest… the captain even saying Francesca is doing a good job is high praise. She replaced Kate Chastain, who is Captain Lee’s all-time favorite chief stew.

Rachel is at the top of Captain Lee’s praise list. She is knocking it out of the park, according to the captain. He thinks there are two things the chef needs to suck up, but Captain Lee is a fan.

Ashling is another one the captain likes a lot. Captain Lee is fond of her attitude and hard work, especially considering the interior is not on the same page.

Last, but not least, is Elizabeth, who the captain puts in the same category as Shane. Captain Lee thinks she just needs to do her job. Oh, and the bad vibe Elizabeth keeps talking about? The captain believes she is the one who put it out there.

Five episodes into Below Deck Season 8, based on Captain Lee Rosbach’s thoughts on the crew, it seems pretty clear that everyone won’t make it to the end.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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