Below Deck Adventure star Kasie Faddah reacts to fan backlash, takes on trolls

Kasie Faddah appears on Below Deck Adventure Season 1.
Kasie has learned a valuable lesson about being on reality television. Pic credit: Bravo

Only two episodes of Below Deck Adventure have aired, with a third hitting Bravo airwaves tonight, but cast member Kasie Faddah has already found herself taking on the haters.

Kasie’s a stew on the latest Below Deck spin-off, and she’s already made some waves, as have most of the crew members.

There’s some tension between Kasie and stew Oriana Schneps, who worked together when the latter was a chief stew.

An unwanted kiss from Kyle Dickard had Kasie meeting with Captain Kerry Titheradge to ensure she was okay.

Although Kasie comes across as nice and sweet, some Below Deck Adventure viewers have taken it upon themselves to troll her.

The brunette beauty isn’t here for it, though.

Kasie Faddah reacts to Below Deck Adventure backlash

Taking to Instagram the other day, Kasie shared a beautiful picture of her sitting at a table with a wine glass in front of her and sunglasses pulling back on her hair. Looking off to the side, Kasie placed one hand on the back of her head, with her mouth open in a shocked manner.

Kasie joked in the caption that this was the look on her face after reading some social media comments. She sent those haters “some love and healing energy” because it’s clear they could use some.

The stew sent out a big thank you to the supporters, who she admits are about 99.9% of the remarks she has read. Then she got real about the backlash she endured so early on in the season.

“I knew going into this that unkind comments and messages would be a thing. When people asked me if I was prepared for that I was so adamant ‘of course, I don’t care, I know who I am,'” she wrote.

Kasie shared she has been reminded of this since the show’s debut. Thankfully Kasie has a great support system of family and friends to remind her she knows who she is as the hate piles up.

Below Deck Adventure star Kasie Faddah asks people to ‘be kind’

The Below Deck yachtie ended her message reminding her followers and Below Deck Adventure viewers to be kind as she shared some words of encouragement.

“So what did we learn this week – stay grounded, stay positive, and stay kind to each other out there kids, cause life is challenging enough and you never (ever) know what someone is going through ?,” Kasie ended her Instagram Post.

There’s still plenty of Below Deck Adventure to watch as the season has just kicked off. However, Kassie Faddah wants to remind viewers to be positive as things unfold on-screen.

The trailer certainly makes it appear like a whole lot of drama’s going to implode, and it will be combined with Below Deck Season 10, giving fans so much juicy entertainment to watch.

What do you think of Below Deck Adventure so far?

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Susan Edison
Susan Edison
1 year ago

Kassie, you have done nothing wrong in these shows so far. So just love the haters and do move on as they add no value to your life. Have a good on pretty girl.