Below Deck Adventure viewers weigh in on the stewardess dynamic so far

Faye Clark and Oriana Schneps
The stewardess dynamic on Below Deck Adventure is already being judged. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure viewers are one episode into the premiere season of the latest Below Deck spinoff, and there is already a lot to judge.

With that said, fans got their first glimpse into the chief stew and stewardesses’ dynamic after the trio had their first sit down to talk about expectations and roles.

With Faye Clark at the helm as the chief stew, she and the Below Deck Adventure audience got to hear how the other two stews, Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah, were hoping to fit in.

Oriana and Kasie had worked together on a boat before but did not have good things to say about one another during private interviews. Faye also expressed skepticism about what she heard from Oriana but clarified that she would promote people as she saw fit.

In any case, Below Deck Adventure viewers picked up on the vibe of the individual stews and how their dynamic might work.

There were several poignant reactions to the clip of the roundtable discussion that was reshared by the Below Deck Bravo Instagram page.

Below Deck Adventure fans share opinions on the stewardesses

The clip from the official Below Deck page on Instagram showed Faye, Orianna, and Kasie sit down to discuss how things would go during the season and any notable things they wanted to say.

Regarding Faye’s reaction to Oriana’s list and temperament, one viewer wrote in the comments, “Finally a chief stew that gets it ! Until you actually see their work and effort put into their work they don’t just get handed a fricken title! THEY EARN IT !!! How many times have watched the wrong one being put in 2 nd stew position that was a mistake , by the end of first charter. Also Faye commands eye contact i noticed.”

Another simply stated, “I think Oriana will be difficult….”

Someone else brought up Kasie’s intro trailer plug that she liked to have her legs in the air whenever possible and said, “One has a list and the other likes her legs up in the air? ?.”

Instagram comments about the Below Deck stews
Pic credit: @belowdeckbravo/Instagram

Below Deck Adventure stewardess tension is not the only stew drama this season

Based on this season’s trailer, it looks like drama amongst the interior crew stews won’t be the only spiciness that happens below deck.

Faye will get into an argument with the chef, Jessica Condy, with each of them taking verbal swipes at the other.

Boatmances and crew hookups also look like they are in the stars for this season. Historically, the boat romances have tended to be chaotic and entertaining, so viewers will have to stay tuned to find out what drama goes down because of them.

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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