Before the 90 Day’s Ash Naeck posts photo with mystery woman who looks like a lot like Avery

Avery and Ash from Before the 90 Days
Ash posted a photo with a new mystery brunette who looks a lot like Avery. Pic credit: TLC

Before the 90 Days star, Ash Naeck, posted a photo on Instagram with a beautiful brunette accompanied with a heartfelt caption.

Ash did not tag the young lady in the picture, but followers were quick to compare her to his ex from the show, Avery Warner.

90 Day fans were half expecting an official breakup between Avery and Ash after their tumultuous run on the show.

Ash confirmed their breakup via Instagram in May of 2020 and they have both been thriving apart from each other since.

The photo got a lot of attention

Fellow 90 Day participants, Tom Brooks and Kenny Niedermeier, gave their support for Ash’s new relationship.

Tom commented, “Big Improvement [heart emojis],” which other commenters liked and agreed with.

Kenny exclaimed, “Love love love it! You deserve happiness!! So happy for u my friend… love is love, love wins [heart emojis].”

Ash replied with a thank you and called Kenny gorgeous. Both comments received more than fifteen likes.

Ash's Instagram posts' comments
Fellow 90 Day participants commented on Ash’s photo. Pic credit: @themindbodycoach/Instagram

Mentions of this woman’s likeness to Avery were all over the comments section. One follower wrote that the girl in the photo looked like Avery’s twin.

Ash replied to the fan comments by saying, “The good twin maybe [laughing/crying face emoji.]”

Ash replies to fan comments on Instagram
Ash replied to some follower comments about his new girls likeness to Avery. Pic credit: @themindbodycoach/Instagram

The stream of positive comments highlighted the fact that Ash definitely has a type and that he makes a good looking couple with this new mystery woman.

Fans seemed happy to write that Ash finally looks at peace next to the “less aggressive and calmer” version of Avery.

Fan comments from 90 Days Ash's photo
Fans of Ash left supporting comments on the picture. Pic credit: @the mindbodycoach/Instagram

More about the photo

Ash talked about the importance of kindness in any relationship. He said, “Ever had a friend of yours piss you off so much that the last thing on your mind was to respond to them in kindness or even better your partner did something you absolutely hated and you had to find the will power to keep calm and respond in kindness.”

He admitted he is guilty of not reacting to people or situations in a compassionate and patient manner and that he is trying to be more self-aware.

Ash went on to make the final point that the way you choose to act is under your control.

The woman in the photo may still be a mystery, but if he is hinting at the beginning of a new relationship, followers can expect to see more of her.

Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus from TLC.

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