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Bariki Smith asks Teen Mom 2 fans to take it easy on his mom

Bariki Smith on Teen Mom 2
Bariki Smith asks Teen Mom 2 fans to take it easy on his mom Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones struggled with whether or not to invite Bariki “Bar” Smith’s mother to a surprise party for him on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2.

Ashley has a rough history with Bar’s family and, in the past, when they’ve blended their relatives together in one place, drama has erupted.

When Ashley decided to plan a surprise celebration for Bar, she felt that she needed to be the bigger person and invite his mother, Shen.

She was torn on whether or not it was the right decision and struggled with the fear that more drama would erupt. When Ashley reached out, Bar’s mother was happy to be invited and gladly accepted the invitation.

Shen then ended up telling Bar about the bash and while Ashley was disappointed to have the surprise ruined, she tried not to let it affect her. If that wasn’t bad enough, Bar’s mom didn’t even end up going to the party.

Teen Mom 2 fans could not believe that his mother would ruin the surprise or that she bailed after Ashley was big enough to extend the invitation. Many took to social media to share their opinion.

Bar was quick to jump to his mother’s defense and didn’t want fans to be too hard on her.

Bariki “Bar” Smith asks Teen Mom 2 fans to take it easy on his mom

A Teen Mom gossip page shared some fan comments following the recent episode and many weren’t too happy with Shen.

The post was captioned, “Who watched teen mom tonight? Bar and Ashley definitely got more air time then anyone else and fans are upset with Shen.”

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The post showed fans making comments feeling bad for Bar.

One fan wrote, “So Bar’s mom ruined the surprise party only to not show up…Evil.”

Another simply commented, “Poor bar.”

Bar quickly commented on the the post in response to the initial caption and said that fans “don’t need to be” upset with his mother.

He reminded everyone that the show “is a year old,” he asked fans to “relax” and said, “dont come for my momma please, we all at a better place.”

Bar sticks up for his mom
Bar sticks up for his mom Pic credit: @barbadbreed/Instagram

Bar’s mother chimes in to defend herself

It looked like Bar didn’t need to worry about sticking up for his mother because she was more than happy to defend herself.

She jumped into the conversation and said, “This is a lie smh I didn’t ruin anything.”

She continued, “I had no idea once again smh I am not on the show did not film and had no idea of anything.”

Bar's mom defends herself
Bar’s mom defends herself Pic credit: @mommashensworld/Instagram

While Bar’s mom didn’t end up attending the party, it looks like according to him that things have gotten better between them. Fans will have to tune in to new episodes of Teen Mom 2 to find out how their relationship continues to play out.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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