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Teen Mom 2: Bariki Smith’s mom says storyline about her ruining his surprise party ‘is a lie’

Bar's mom claims latest Teen Mom 2 storyline was a lie
Bar’s mom denies claim she ruined his surprise party. Pic credit:MTV

It seems Bariki “Bar” Smith and Ashley Jones have some explaining to do after last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 because now we’re all confused.

The couple revealed last week that Bar had finally gotten his G.E.D and Ashley wanted to celebrate the occasion by throwing a surprise party for her man.

Despite past issues with his family, Ashley decided to put their issues aside and invite all his family and friends to the event, including his mom Shenandoah aka “Shen.”

However, that might have been a mistake because she called her son and asked him about the party despite knowing that it was supposed to be a surprise. Or, at least that’s the side of the story we got from watching the show last night but now Bar’s mom is claiming that it was all a lie.

Bar’s mom says latest episode was a lie

Teen Mom 2 fans were very upset after watching the latest episode of the show and finding out that Bar’s mom had ruined his surprise. During one scene, Bar told Ashley that his mother Shen had called and asked him about the party, which put a damper on the grand surprise that the 24-year-old had been planning.

Although the couple still celebrated with Bar’s closest family and friends, the couple was disappointed that Shen chose to spoil the moment for him. And it seems she got some backlash after the episode aired because she took to Instagram to deny doing any such thing.

As a matter of fact, Bar’s mom claimed in her post that she first heard about her son’s G.E.D on social media and denied knowing anything about a surprise party for him. “I will say this once, I don’t film I don’t do the show and for sure knew nothing of [a] surprise party,” commented Shen.

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“I didn’t spoil anything, I wasn’t a part of it. I’m not even supposed to be mentioned on the show period! The storyline again is a lie,” she added.

Bar's mom speaks out after latest Teen Mom 2 episode
Pic credit:@mommashensworld/Instagram

Ashley and Bar says Shen spoiled the surprise

Shen might be denying that she spoiled her son’s surprise party, but Bar and Ashley told a much different story last night.

During his confessional, Bar said he was disappointed that his mom called to tell him about the party that Ashley had been planning. And the Teen Mom 2 star corroborated his story in her own confessional by saying that she heard him on the phone talking to his mom about it.

The couple talked more about the situation during a trip to the park and they were clearly upset. Fans of the show agreed with the sentiment and Shen got some backlash on Twitter.

Teen Mom 2 viewers bash Shen for ruining Bar's surprise
Pic credit:@nolabratz/Twitter
Teen Mom 2 viewers bash Shen for ruining Bar's surprise
Pic credit:@TBWLPHU379/Twitter
Teen Mom 2 viewers bash Shen for ruining Bar's surprise
Pic credit:@njramen/Twitter

Do you believe that Bar’s mom ruined his surprise or was it just a storyline for the show?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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