Teen Mom 2 fans respond after Ashley Jones claps back at haters, defends Bariki Smith after arrest

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2
After her fiance, Bar got arrested over the weekend, Ashley Jones clapped back at haters and defended her baby daddy. Pic credit: MTV

New Teen Mom 2 castmate Ashley Jones clapped back at her haters and defended her fiance, Bar Smith after he was arrested over the weekend.

Ashley had some happy news over the weekend when she shared that she graduated from community college and earned her associate’s degree.

Bar was arrested on Sunday for will discharge of a firearm before being released from custody the same day, which was also reportedly the same day as Ashley’s graduation party.

After the news broke of Bar’s arrest, Ashley scrubbed her social media accounts of all of Bar’s pics and the couple unfollowed each other.

Ashley couldn’t stay tightlipped any longer and came out in full force to defend her fiance

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Ashley responded to her haters and defended her relationship with Bar after his arrest. Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

Ashley tweeted to her 67.5k followers, “You don’t have to like me and Bar . We like each other . Duh . Y’all back and forth like the wind with your opinions anyways ?????”

Ashley’s followers responded and not all of them were buying what Ashley was selling

One fan wrote, “Y’all don’t even like each other,” and another brought up the fact that the couple unfollowed each other and Ashley scrubbed Bar’s pics on social media, “Wait so it’s not true that you unfollowed him and deleted his pics?”

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Ashley’s followers responded to her defending her relationship with Bar. Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

One more fan of the show pointed out that Ashley and Bar break up and get back together and seem to have a pattern in their relationship. They thought it made the on-and-off couple look like clowns when they commented, “How y’all look when u break up, cause a scene, talk s**t about each other, and then get back together,” and included a picture of a male and female clown, waving for the camera.

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Ashley’s followers called her out for deleting Bar’s pics and breaking up and getting back together often. Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

One of Ashley’s followers wrote, “You really don’t though. You break up with each other all the time, delete photos, etc. Girl- the sooner you wake up & get rid of that low life Bar, the easier your life will be. Don’t have any more kids with him bc he’s gonna end up in prison. Promise ya.”

Another fan agreed, and said, “Exactly. Love isn’t deleting pics whenever you get mad.”

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Some fans had some advice for Ashley regarding her relationship with Bar. Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

Ashley’s start on Teen Mom 2 has been a rocky one already, with fans of the show not so thrilled she was replacing Chelsea Houska, but Ashley had a clear message for those who didn’t want to see her on the show: “Don’t watch then.”

For those fans who do want to watch, there’s plenty more drama to come this season between Ashley and Bar, as well as the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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