Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones throws Bar a surprise party to celebrate getting his GED

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2
After Bar worked to finally get his GED, Ashley decided to surprise him with a party Pic credit: MTV

In a preview clip for tomorrow night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley Jones organized a surprise celebration for her fiance Bar Smith after he finally completed his GED.

The 24-year-old mom told cameras that she was going to invite their family members to the surprise bash, despite any beef they may have because the celebration was about Bar and not about herself.

Ashley revealed that she wanted Bar to look around at his surprise party and see faces that make him “proud” and “happy.”

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Ashley wanted Bar to enjoy his party, so that meant putting her pride aside and inviting his family members

The MTV personality told cameras that in order for Bar to have a good time at his party, she would need to put her pride aside and invite some people with who she previously didn’t have good interactions with.

The scene then cut to a previous episode, showing a birthday party gone wrong when Bar’s mother, Shen, and Ashley got into an altercation that nearly turned physical.

Ashley met up with her sister, Chris, at a restaurant and talked about Bar getting his GED. Chris pointed out that it would raise Bar’s confidence, and help him to realize what he’s capable of, which in turn will give Ashley a break and allow her to be confident in him, as well.

When Ashley told Chris that she was throwing Bar a surprise party and inviting some of his family members, she admitted that it was both an exciting and stressful situation.

Chris asked Ashley if she was going to “temperature check” the family first, or just “throw them in the pot and see how they do.”

Ashley was ready to put the past behind her and be open to changing how she handles Bar’s family

Ashley replied that she was “tired of that s**t,” saying she invited Bar’s mom, who told Ashley she would love to come, which caused Chris to show some concern, given their history.

Chris pointed out that they’re all on the same team, and that there was no need to hate each other, which Ashley agreed with, and admitted that she was trying “with every ounce” of her being to make it work.

Ashley admitted that in order for everyone to move forward peacefully, she would have to be open to the idea of making things work, mending relationships, giving basic respect, or just not responding.

Ashley and Bar have stuck by each other despite their shortcomings

The newest cast member of Teen Mom 2 was the only one not present in New York City last week for the taping of their reunion. Instead, Ashley filmed her segment virtually.

Though it looks like Ashley and Bar are working to mend their relationship and improve their lives on the show, off-camera the couple faced some trouble last weekend when Bar was arrested for discharging a firearm willfully.

Bar, who is planning on removing his face tattoos, always finds his way back to Ashley. She even defended her fiance and clapped back at haters after Bar’s arrest.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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