Bachelor Summer Games TV show could become a reality this summer

Winter Games
The Bachelor Winter Games aired in 2018. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Summer Games could become a reality this summer. ABC may be bringing forth this new spin-off to celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

The network hasn’t announced anything yet, and the rumors come from Reality Steve, a blogger who is known for spoiling The Bachelor shows.

He doesn’t have many details right now but did share on Twitter that he’s hearing that production is asking around for contestants.

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The previous spin-off, The Bachelor Winter Games, only aired for a single season.

The Bachelor Summer Games could bring back old contestants

As Reality Steve revealed on Twitter, this new show will film in May if it moves forward, and it will not replace Bachelor In Paradise.

He also adds that producers will use old contestants already known to Bachelor fans, not someone completely new.

Steve confirms this is new information. If the show moves ahead, Reality Steve will probably share more details on his Twitter account.

The Bachelor Summer Games could mirror the structure of The Bachelor Winter Games

The Bachelor Winter Games, which aired during winter 2018, brought in Bachelor stars from around the world.

Fans were introduced to Ally from New Zealand, Christian from Switzerland/Germany, Courtney from Australia, Jenny from Finland, Jordan from New Zealand, Lily from New Zealand, Nastassia from Sweden, Rebecca from Sweden, Tiffany from Australia, and Yuki from Japan.

The show also included many familiar faces from The Bachelor Nation, including contestants from Canada, who had appeared on the original show.

This Season On The Bachelor Winter Games

The premise of the show combines activities and sports like the Olympics, where contestants compete in various disciplines. The goal is for them to win and to find love with one another.

If ABC decides to pursue this show, it won’t overlap with Bachelor In Paradise.

That show is slated to premiere after The Bachelorette finale this summer and is predicted to run until September, as it does every year. The only time that Bachelor-related shows do not air on ABC is between September and January.

The Bachelor Winter Games could be added alongside The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart

Earlier this month, ABC announced they were launching a new spin-off show called The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. This show allows people unrelated to The Bachelor franchise to find love through the power of music.

This show does not have a premiere date yet but will close the gap between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette this spring, a time slot that used to belong to Dancing With The Stars.

If The Bachelor Winter Games airs this fall after Bachelor In Paradise, the Bachelor franchise is slowly starting to dominate ABC’s Monday night timeslot all year round.

Reality Steve guesses that The Bachelor Summer Games will air this summer, but only time will tell.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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