Bachelor Nation stars slam Clayton Echard for his treatment of Susie Evans

Susie Evans
Clayton Echard slammed by former Bachelor stars for treatment of Susie Evans. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation had a lot to say after the explosive Fantasy Suite date episode, and the stars did not hold back on letting Clayton Echard know exactly what he did wrong.

Nick Viall, Lauren Lane, Amanda Stanton, and Tanner Tolbert were just some of the former franchise stars that called out Clayton Echard’s treatment of Susie Evans.

They were also joined by some of Clayton’s contestants themselves, including Lyndsey Windham and Sierra Jackson, in slamming The Bachelor for how he navigated overnight dates.

Bachelor Nation alumni called out Clayton Echard for his Fantasy Suite decisions

Clayton was on a high throughout his overnight dates, but quickly soured when he was confronted by Susie Evans about sleeping with the other two women.

Bachelor Nation stars took to social media to criticize Clayton for blowing up at Susie after she told him she could not continue forward in the relationship.

“Susie tried to express her feelings while trying to empathize with Clayton’s POV, Clayton expressed his feelings to Susie by being a d**k,” former Bachelor Nick Viall wrote on Twitter.

Nick Viall
Pic credit: @viallnicholas28/Twitter

The Bachelor finalist Lauren Lane also jumped in with a video clip posted to her Instagram story captioned, “Go away Clayton. These guys really do forget it’s not all about them and their journey smh.”

Lauren Lane
Pic credit: @laurenlane/Instagram

They were also joined by Bachelor in Paradise’s Tanner Tolbert, who wrote, “Just finished tonights episode of #TheBachelor and holy s**t… Clayton went from the nice (although boring) guy ALL season long to a raging a**hole right before our eyes.”

Tanner Tolbert
Pic credit: @ttolbert05/Twitter

Several time Bachelor Nation star Amanda Stanton appeared especially passionate as she took to both Twitter and Instagram and even accused Clayton of “gaslighting” Susie.

Amanda Stanton
Pic credit: @amandastantonnn/Twitter
Amanda Stanton
Pic credit: @amanda_stantonn/Instagram

Clayton Echard’s contestants slammed his treatment of Susie Evans

Other noticeable critics of The Bachelor were his own former show girlfriends.

Sierra Jackson made several tweets about Clayton, none of which were positive.

“I’m sick to my stomach,” she wrote alongside accusing him of gaslighting Susie during her overnight date dinner.

Sierra Jackson
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

Lyndsey Windham also didn’t hold back in a screenshot of Clayton posted to her Instagram account.

“Y’all getting a lil bit of clarity why we roasted this mans on WTA or…” she wrote while playing the song No Scrubs in the background.

Lyndsey Windham
Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Clayton has been catching heat from viewers throughout the season, but even The Bachelor anticipates the worst reaction yet after the upcoming episodes.

Fans will have to tune in again next week to see how Clayton’s journey ends and if he can redeem himself in the eyes of Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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shawn d Barkas
shawn d Barkas
1 year ago

Stick to your guns Susie! You did nothing wrong. Clayton had sex with 2 girls before deciding FOR SURE he loves you best. What a douche.

1 year ago

I thought it was pathetic when Clayton tried to blame Susie for his inability to control himself with the other girls. She has a right to stand by her morals. If he had an inkling of interest about her, he had just as much opportunity to ask. She really maintained her composure even when he went off on her as though that would justify what he did. He doesn’t deserve anyone at this point.

Joyce Mathieu
Joyce Mathieu
1 year ago

Why do you think we care what Nick Viall thinks about anything. Clayton did what he thought was right, leave it there.

1 year ago

Being a recent victim of gaslighting myself, I noticed it immediately! How did Clayton’s behavior turn out to be Susie’s fault? Wow! People sure get nasty! ?