The Bachelor fans accuse Clayton Echard of gaslighting Susie Evans

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard is accused of gaslighting Susie Evans in Fantasy Suites. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s final overnight date started with a declaration of love and ended with a bang as Clayton and Susie Evans’ relationship fell apart before viewers’ eyes.

Bachelor fans didn’t hold back on slamming Clayton for his treatment of Susie after she told him she couldn’t get past the fact that he slept with his two other contestants.

Some fans took it even further and labeled Clayton a “gaslighter” when he appeared to turn the blame for the event back around on Susie.

Here’s how last night all went down and why fans are fed up with Clayton.

Bachelor fans claim Clayton Echard gaslit Susie Evans on her Fantasy Suite date

Clayton appeared blindsided after Susie told him on his third overnight date that she couldn’t move forward if he had slept with the other women.

Despite initially begging her to reconsider, Clayton ended the confrontation abruptly by telling her “I don’t even know who I’m looking at anymore.” The Bachelor also accused her of invalidating their relationship and told her he would find someone else who would fight for him.

Susie was left in tears apologizing for how everything had ended.

Bachelor Nation was not quite so forgiving of The Bachelor and took to Twitter to share their real thoughts on the episode.

Several fans accused Clayton of gaslighting, which is defined as manipulating someone into questioning their sanity, thoughts, or memories.

“NOT Clayton gas-lighting sweet Susie into thinking this is her fault,” one fan Tweeted as Susie apologized to Clayton.

Other viewers called out specific phrases he said to Susie during their argument.

“I’m just gonna be honest with you,” Clayton said. “You just invalidated everything that we had.” He went on to say that if she had actually cared about him, she should have been willing to “work through something like this.”

Clayton Echard turned on Susie Evans after their Fantasy Suite date: ‘I’m done’

After the two took several minutes to cool off from their argument, Clayton was noticeably cold to Susie while escorting her to the car home.

He did apologize for raising his voice and told the contestant that the entire exchange was out of character for him. However, he slammed home the split with a monologue about finding someone else better for him.

Susie sobbed during her confessional and admitted she thought Clayton would have had more compassion for her during the exchange.

Their relationship may be over, but the fallout from the breakup is still going strong as Bachelor viewers rally against Clayton.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

Clayton is a total narcissist creep, run Susie run, he’s a total scum bag! That’s how he talks to a lady , no thanks what a temper , bye bye